Was Shahrukh Khan Really Riding A Fake Hayabusa: We Explain [Video]

We have featured several videos and images of car and bike replicas on our website. We have also seen copycat cars and bikes from Chinese manufacturers. We have several garages in India that work on motorcycle conversions and modifications. In the past, we have come across several videos of Hayabusa replicas made from bikes like Dominar. Just like bikes and cars, we also have people who want to look like someone else (celebrities). Here we have a video where Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s doppelganger is seen riding a Fake Suzuki Hayabusa without a helmet. In fact, both Shahrukh Khan and the Hayabusa are fake in this video.

The video has been shared by Ibrahim Qadri, a social media influencer who dresses, walks, and behaves like Shahrukh Khan himself. He is a huge fan of the actor, which probably led him to copy his mannerisms in real life. In this video shared by Imran Qadri on his profile, we see him riding a bike that looks like a Suzuki Hayabusa. Everything seems fine, and it looks like he is shooting this video for the purpose of a video. In this video, it appears that he is racing his Suzuki Hayabusa with a Kawasaki naked superbike. For a second or two, you might think that it is the actual Shahrukh who is riding the bike. However, if you look closely, you would realize that it is not him.

The same is the case with the bike. The bike seen here looks like a Hayabusa but is not. If you look carefully, the rear swingarm on this motorcycle looks extremely odd compared to the rest of the bike. It is quite possible that this replica bike was based on a Hero Karizma, Bajaj Pulsar, or Dominar model. Other than the swingarm, the rear wheel on this motorcycle also looks very different. It seems like the workshop didn’t make any changes to the swingarm of the motorcycle. The rear wheel also looks smaller when compared to the original one.

Was Shahrukh Khan Really Riding A Fake Hayabusa: We Explain [Video]
Ibrahim Qadri on fake Hayabusa

The gap between the wheels and the body panels is too evident. The footpegs, body cowl, and instrument cluster are all made to fit perfectly, but at the end of the day, it is just a replica. It is undoubtedly a clean-looking conversion job; however, it lacks depth. The Suzuki Hayabusa seen in the video is actually based on the previous generation model. The video doesn’t show the bike up close, which is why we cannot provide more information about the donor motorcycle.

In this video, Ibrahim Qadri, or Shahrukh Khan’s doppelganger, is riding the bike without a proper riding helmet. This is extremely dangerous. Even if it is for the sake of a video, one must always wear a riding helmet. They were recording this video on a road (probably closed). If the bikers crash into each other or if one of them falls, the chances of both getting injured are pretty high. The only reason why the social media influencer didn’t wear a helmet was probably because people won’t recognize him with the helmet on. There are several examples featured on our website that show how and why riding helmets are important and how they can save you in case of a crash.

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