Type 2 Toyota Innova Modified With Aftermarket Body Kit Looks Premium [Video]

Toyota Innova MPVs are known for their reliability, which is a major reason why people are unwilling to sell these cars. Even today, several Type 1 and Type 2 Innova owners continue to use their vehicles without any major issues. Recently, many owners have been either converting their old Innovas to later versions or completely modifying them to give them a premium look. Here, we have a video showing the neat modification of an old Type 2 Toyota Innova with an aftermarket body kit.

The video was shared by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In the video, the owner of a Toyota Innova from Madhya Pradesh drove all the way to Pune to their workshop for the modification work. While the Innova Type 2 was mechanically fine, its exterior and interior needed attention.

The exterior paint had started to fade, and many panels had scratches on them. The interior was also basic, with the owner having only put a seat cover that had started to tear apart. The team began working on the car by first removing the front grille, bonnet, fenders, and bumper, as well as the headlamps.

Similarly, the rear bumper and tail lamps were also removed. Once these panels were removed, the team started working on the dents and scratches on the car, fixing them using a dent puller machine. Once this was done, they sanded away the original paint of the car and applied a coat of putty to achieve an even shape and body lines.

Innova customised
Innova customised

Excess putty was later removed using a sander. Once this was done, the team installed the aftermarket body kit. The owner had opted for a kit that included an Alphard-like chrome grille for the front. The fenders were all installed in place, and the team made minor corrections to make everything sit perfectly.

Once the body panels were all installed, the car was taken to the paint booth. Here, the whole car received a coat of primer, followed by a coat of black paint sprayed on top. The paint job was finished with a coat of clear for a glossy look. Once the paint dried, the team installed new projector-type headlamps, smoked LED tail lamps, and a chrome applique on the tailgate with illuminated Innova branding on it.

The alloy wheels remained the same; however, they were painted black for a sporty look. The front grille, along with the new bumper and headlamp setup, gave the Innova a premium look. The interior of the Innova was also customized.

The car now features a brown and cream dual-tone shade for the cabin. The steering wheel has been upgraded to a GR-Sport steering wheel with leather wrap. The seats are custom-built, and the dashboard has been given a dual-tone treatment.

The original Toyota music system has been replaced with an aftermarket touchscreen unit. The fit and finish of the work done on this car look great, making it appear like a brand new car fresh from the dealership. The customer looked extremely happy with the finished product.

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