Toyota Fortuner After 3 Lakh Kms: Owner Explains What It Drives Like [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner, hands down, is one of, if not the most popular luxury SUV in the Indian car market. People buy this SUV and use it for lakhs of kilometers because of its bulletproof reliability. Recently, sharing his experience of ownership over the last 5 years, a video has been shared online in which the owner talks about his Toyota Fortuner. The owner highlights that this SUV has done around 3.2 lakh km and it is still going strong.

Toyota Fortuner with 3.2 lakh km

This video of the Toyota Fortuner with 3.2 lakh km has been shared on YouTube by Shyam Arora on their channel. He starts the video by introducing the owner and his Toyota Fortuner. The presenter first shows the odometer reading of the SUV, which was at around 3.18 lakh km. Following this, he starts with the questions regarding the ownership of this SUV.

Toyota Fortuner 3 lakh km review

The first question that the presenter asks the owner is why did he opt for Fortuner instead of other cars like the Ford Endeavour. To this, he replied that over the years they have owned two more Fortuners and they have always been extremely reliable. Because of this, they bought this Alpha 4X4 model 5 years ago for Rs 38 lakh.

Next up, the presenter asks about the 3.2 lakh km mileage on the odometer. To this, the owner replies that this SUV is used by his father who goes for elections. He added that the first 30,000 km were done in the first month itself. The owner then adds that as mentioned prior to this Fortuner, they have owned two Fortuners which both had 2.5 lakh km on the odometers.

Service and maintenance

Toyota Fortuner 3 lakh km review interior

The presenter then asks about the service and maintenance costs and things they had to take care of in the last five years. To this, the owner replies that they have changed the tires of the car around 4-5 times and they had to once get it completely repainted. Hearing this, the presenter asked the owner to explain in detail.

To this, the owner replies that they bought this car in super white color and after a few years, it started turning yellowish. So they got it completely repainted in the same color from an aftermarket body shop. Apart from this, he adds that over the years other than tires they have not replaced a single part. He highlights that even the clutch plate of this SUV is original.

Next up, the presenter shows the car from the inside and states that the interior condition of the car is also immaculate. He adds that there are no signs of visual wear and tears on leather seats and other interior parts. The owner also mentions that all the electronics of the car are working properly and there are no problems.

Toyota Fortuner review 3 lakh km

Apart from this, the presenter then asks the owner about the service costs of this SUV. To this, the owner replies that each service is around Rs 12-15 thousand and if there are some extra parts required like brake shoes it goes up to Rs 25,000. The owner adds that the most expensive bill that they ever received was around Rs 80,000 and it included a new set of tires.

Resale value and some negatives

The owner then states that despite this high mileage, the car is getting offers of around Rs 18-20 lakh in the resale market. He states that their previous Fortuners with 2.5 lakh kms also sold for Rs 12-14 lakh each. Lastly, he talks about the only negative point of the car and it was related to the malfunctioning of the alarm system.

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