This Mini Speed Bag Hanging Toy Attaches To Your Baby’s Carseat to Give You A ‘Buff Baby’

Have you seen this these awesome car seat hanging toys? They’re really making the coolest things and this is probably the best thing ever and should be put onto baby registries everywhere! This is a mini speed bad hanging toy that attaches to your baby’s carseat to give you a ‘Buff Baby’ ha! Yeah, this is my new favorite car seat hanging toy, it is too cute.

car seat hanging toy- baby buff mini punching bag with hook against a white background
How cute is this car seat toy?

The Cutest Car Seat Hanging Toy

Okay, you won’t really have a buff baby but this is hilarious and the perfect way to keep your baby occupied during car rides.

It makes sounds, is soft, and it moves. It’s a great way to keep your little one busy while they’re in their car seat. Which is a blessing when you’re trying to run around and do errands or are on a long trip. Little ones don’t always enjoy being in their car seat as we all know.

Car seat hanging toy on a car seat strap over a baby outside in the grass
You little one will be so interested in watching it move and hearing the crinkle sound.

Buff Baby Car Seat Hanging Toy Specifications and Dimensions

Each baby speed bag comes with a sturdy plastic carabiner for easy attachment to a stroller or car seat handle and hangs within view of your baby’s reach.

The plush interior also includes a crinkle layer that adds satisfying sensory details for both sound and touch!

Buff baby car seat hanging toy with red and white tags on a white background and hook
This carseat hanging toy is the perfect gift for any fitness lover with a baby!

The Buff Baby speed bag is the perfect size for little hands. This car seat hanging toy is 9″x 3″ x 3″ and only weighs 2.3 ounces so if it were to come loose your little one will be safe.

Oh! And it’s also made from high quality and non-toxic materials so if your little one chews on it there won’t be a problem.

And it doesn’t just have to go on a car seat. You can attach it to the car seat of course, but also your baby’s stroller and even play gyms.

This Buff Baby Car Seat Hanging Toy Is The Perfect Gift

This is the perfect gift for all parents that are fitness lovers or boxing fanatics. Buff baby is sure to make a hilarious statement as a baby shower gift!

Car seat hanging toy on a car seat strap over a baby boy outside in the grass
Your baby is gonna love this Buff Baby mini punching bag car seat toy.

Where Do You Get Your Buff Bab Speed Bag Cringle Toy?

I truly wish they had this around when my kids were babies!

You can grab the Fred Buff Baby Speed Bag Crinkle Toy on Amazon for $12.99 here.

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What do you think about this car seat hanging toy? Would you put the buff baby speed bag on your baby’s car seat?

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