The Last Of Us Part II Remastered is coming to PS5 next year

A remastered version of The Last Of Us Part 2 is coming to the PlayStation 5 in January, according to a leaked trailer from Sony. The new version of the hit post apocalyptic zombie adventure will be available on the platform on January 19, 2024, and will feature improved loading times, 4K graphics in the console’s Fidelity mode and full integration with the PS5’s new DualSense wireless controller. Insider Gaming and multiple leakers on X first wrote about the remastered version.

In addition to quality of life improvements, the game will also include a brand new “Roguelike Survival Mode,” which will allow players to “choose [their] path through a series of randomized encounters” and play as unlockable characters never before seen in the franchise. The remastered version will also include early versions of three new levels that weren’t present in the original game, as well as commentary from developers.

This isn’t the first time that a Last of Us trailer has leaked straight from Sony before an official announcement. The same thing happened last year with the remake of The Last of Us Part I.

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