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Sending a thank you note is a great way to show someone how much you appreciate something they did for you. It’s also a great way to teach kids of all ages thankfulness and gratitude. Something we could use more of in the world. Sending a thank you note is almost a forgotten art. Something people just don’t really do anymore, but it’s an important way to teach kids about kindness, gratitude, thankfulness, and to show appreciation to someone’s kind gesture. So, let’s start sending thank you notes today!

Thank You Notes- Kids can show thankfulness and gratitude in these fun and creative ways- kids activities blog
Sending Thank You notes teaches kids kindness, thankfulness, and gratitude.

Sending Thank You Notes To Teach Thankfulness And Gratitude

Showing thankfulness and gratitude is an important life skill for children to learn.  Here are some fun and creative ways that they can send a thank you note to show their appreciation. Let your kids try a few of these then come back to Kids Activities Blog and let us know which ones they had the most fun doing.

Thankfulness and Gratitude

Call me old-fashioned, but I will not let the art of a thank you note disappear. There is something so important about teaching my kids to say thank you in a meaningful way.  And as much as my kids complain (as I did when I was their age), I feel I am teaching them a lesson in manners that will stick with them as they grow up.

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Why Should We Write Thank You Notes?

Why we should write Thank Yous, especially when I have seen them in person and  told them “thanks?”

  • Teach children gratitude by thinking through why they appreciate something
  • Show children how to express gratitude
  • Allow children to consider other people’s feelings rather than just their own
  • Simply put, it’s good manners

That said, we have tried some very fun and unique ways to write our thank yous over the years that have taken the pain out of hours of endless writing at the kitchen table.  These ideas have turned the time we write notes into creativity workshops and the kids are actually enjoying themselves.

Ideas For Sending A Thank You Note

Here are some of our ideas:

1. Personalized Stationary

Personalized Stationary: Pull out your craft arsenal and make your own adorable stationary.  There doesn’t seem to be a ton of “boy” stationary out there, so one year I bought plain brown card stock and allowed my son to “drive” his truck on the car with black paint of the tires – “I Wheely Appreciate the Gift!”

Send a Thank You Note

Thank you note- Thank You picture with a little boy holding a sign outside next to his red toy car- kids activities blog
What a cute way to say thank you for your toy car.

2. Send A Picture

A Picture Says 1000 Words: Take a picture in or with the gift. This was a big hit when the kids were younger. I took pictures of them with their new present and used a chalkboard sign to show their appreciation. You can email or make prints at the store. Or even better, turn it into a card at any number of online photo websites.

3. Draw A Picture To Say Thank You

Mini Picasso’s: Allow those budding artists to create a picture or portrait of themselves with their gift. Have them sign the bottom with gusto and a big “Thank You!”

4. Say Thank You With A Puzzle

Create a Puzzle: Write or draw your thank you note on hard card stock, then cut it out like a puzzle and mail the puzzle pieces. Your recipient will have fun putting it together!

Express Gratitude

Thank you note- Acrostic Poems to say thank you on a piece of paper- kids activities blog

5. Say Thank You With An Acrostic Poem

Poetry or Creative Writing: Maybe your little one would like to tell a story or write a poem about their new gift?  My kids love to do acrostic poems, so making one out of the name of the gift or “Thank You Grandma” was really easy and fun for them.

6. Make A Comic Strip To Say Thank You

Comic Strip: Kids who like to read the Sunday comics might enjoy creating their own out of the funny papers. Use the actual comics from the paper and create new “conversations” about the gift.  Or if they’d like create and draw their own comic!

7. Make A Thank You Video

Videos Are Fun:  If you had the foresight to videotape them opening a gift from a relative who lives far away, it would be great to make a quick movie out of it for the gift giver to see.  My in-laws loved seeing their granddaughter jump up & down screaming in delight one year over the movie she really wanted.  Or you can video your child expressing their heart-felt appreciation for their gift and send that via email.

Thank you note- using wooden scrabble pieces on a holder saying thank you- kids activities blog
You could even use Scrabble pieces to say thank you!

8. Use Objects To Say Thank You In Clever Ways

Creative Objects: Write a thank you note on an inflated balloon or beach ball and deflate before you send. Fold up your thank you notes into creative origami. Make a rubric with objects in place of words. The possibilities are endless. Tap into what your child enjoys doing most.

9. Let Little Kids Say Thank You Too

Younger Ones: We start at an early age here! My little has been “writing” thank you notes that include his handprint and doodles. Now that he is speaking, I have been quoting him, “My truck goes fast. I love it!” is just what Grandma wants to hear.

Let Kids Be Creative When Saying Thank You, It’s More Authentic And Teaches Important Lessons

What I have found is that as long as I allow them to be creative, writing thank you notes is never a chore.  And after 12 years of being a parent, it is now expected and one that I hope they will continue when they are long out the door.

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We hope that these activities will make it a little easier for your child to express thankfulness and gratitude.  Who knew there were so many fun ways to send a thank you note?  If you are thankful for these ideas then you might be interested in some of these other great kids activities:

What creative thank you notes have you tried?

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