Tata Nexon SUV jumps divider and hits oncoming fuel tanker: All passengers safe [Video]

Tata Nexon is currently one of the most popular SUVs in its segment. Ever since its launch in 2017, Tata has sold over 5 lakh units of Nexon. A few years ago, this sub-4-meter SUV received a minor facelift, and by next week, Tata will be launching the major facelifted version of Nexon in the market too. You will soon see a detailed review of the 2023 Nexon on our website and YouTube channel. Tata cars are often praised for their build quality, and here we have another video from Kerala where a Tata Nexon crashed into a fuel tanker on a national highway.

The video has been shared by Umayappa Online Media on their YouTube channel. The video has been recorded by a person who was present at the spot. National highway widening work is currently going on in many parts of Kerala. As per the video, the driver of the Tata Nexon probably fell asleep while driving. The SUV changed lanes and crashed into the tanker lorry that was coming from the opposite direction. The car crashed into the right side of the fuel tanker, and it is very evident in the video too. The headlamp, turn indicator, and the metal bumper on the Ashok Leyland lorry got damaged. The fender flares also appear damaged on the truck.

Coming to the Tata Nexon, the front of the car looks completely damaged. It looks like the front got completely pinned under the bumper of the truck. The bonnet has been completely crumpled, and the bumper, headlamps, grille are all damaged. It does not look like a high-speed crash because the rest of the car looks undamaged. The fenders are not visible, and the right-side wheel is completely exposed now. The front of the SUV has been damaged badly. The airbags deployed on time, saving the occupants in the car.

Tata Nexon SUV jumps divider and hits oncoming fuel tanker: All passengers safe [Video]
Tata Nexon after the crash

As per the video, a family was traveling in the car when this accident happened. All of them survived the accident without any major injuries. If we look into the car, it is quite evident that the car handled the impact pretty well. The cabin looks intact, and all the pillars of the car remain intact. This is not the first time a Tata car has saved passengers from an accident. In this case, the driver and the occupants were lucky enough to have escaped from the accident. In a collision like this, the chances of survival are usually pretty low.

If you are driving no matter what time of the day or night, and you feel tired or sleepy, it is recommended to park the car on the road and get out. Take a break and then continue the journey. If you are driving at night and feel sleepy, then stop the car, take a nap, and then resume driving. The high beam headlights from other vehicles, comfortable seats, and AC can all prove to be distracting at night. In order to avoid fatigue, take breaks every couple of hours or every 100 km for a safer journey.

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