Super Sweet Words That Start with the Letter S

Let’s have some fun today with S words!  Words that start with the letter S are super sweet. We have a list of S letter words, animals that start with S, S coloring pages, places that start with the letter S and letter S foods. These S words for kids are perfect for use at home or in the classroom as part of alphabet learning.

Words that start with the letter S like seagull
What are the words that start with s? Seagull!

S Words For Kids

If you are looking for words beginning with S for Kindergarten or Preschool, you have come to the right place! Letter of the Day activities and alphabet letter lesson plans have never been easier or more fun.

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  • S is for Strength, is being physically or mentally powerful.
  • S is for Saintly, which is bein marked by utter kindness, virtue or holiness.
  • S is for Success, is being marked by a favorable outcome.

There are unlimited ways to spark more ideas for educational opportunities for the letter S. If you are looking for value words that start with S, check out this list from Personal DevelopFit.

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Seagull Starts with S- Kids Activities Blog- Seagull on a rock by the ocean
Seagull starts with letter S!


There are so many animals that start with a letter S. When you look at animals that begin with the letter S, you will find awesome animals that begin with the sound of S! I think you will agree when you read the fun facts associated with letter S animals.

1. MANTIS SHRIMP is an animal that starts with S

Brightly colored and not actually a shrimp, these incredible hunters are able to kill their prey with a single blow! They hold their body in a manner like that of a praying mantis. Mounted on mobile stalks, their eyes are constantly moving about independently of each other. They are considered to be the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom. In fact, almost like a SuperHero, Mantis Shrimp can see even more colors than we can!

You can read more about the S animal, Mantis Shrimp on Fact Animal.

2. ELEPHANT SEAL is an animal that starts with S

The elephant seal is the largest amphibious (suited for both land and water) animals, spending 80% of their life at sea. Elephant seals take their name from the large proboscis of the adult male, which resembles an elephant’s trunk. They use this oversized nose to make the loudest roars they can, to attract females. In late summer, hundreds of seals gather on beaches and wallow in muddy pools of water. They lie close together while the old skin is replaced by a new coat of sleek fur, and the seal returns to water.

You can read more about the S animal, Elephant Seal on Fisheries

3. SQUID is an animal that starts with S

Squid, like cuttlefish, have eight arms arranged in pairs, and two longer tentacles with suckers. Tentacles are used to move and for capturing food sources. All squids are carnivores; they eat other animals, not plants. Intelligent animals, squids have a head-like structure, with sense organs and brains. The skin is covered in chromatophores, which enable the squid to change colour to suit its surroundings, making it effectively camouflaged. Most squid are no more than 24 in long, although the giant squid may reach 40 ft.

You can read more about the S animal, Squid on Kidzsearch

4. SEAHORSE is an animal that starts with S

Seahorses are tiny fishes that are named for the shape of their head, which looks like the head of a tiny horse. There are at least 25 species of seahorses. You’ll find seahorses in the world’s tropical and temperate coastal waters, swimming upright among seaweed and other plants. Seahorses use their dorsal fins (back fins) to propel slowly forward – only 5 miles per hour! To move up and down, seahorses adjust the volume of air in their swim bladders, which is an air pocket inside their bodies. Seahorses are unique because the male hatches eggs in a pouch on his belly.

You can read more about the S animal, Seahorse on Kids National Geographic

5. SAWFISH is an animal that starts S

That’s not a shark! Sawfish are a family of rays which have a long body, making them look like a shark. Those aren’t teeth on it’s nose, either! It can defend itself with its “saw”, but it is mostly used like a giant metal detector, except for fish! A fish detector! Isn’t that neat?

You can read more about the S animal, Sawfish on Britannica


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S Is For Star Coloring Pages

S is for star coloring pages- printed pdf file of stars
S is for star coloring pages!
Child playing on united states map - Kids Activities Blog - child on scooter rolling over US map painted on sidewalk
What places can we visit that start with S?


Next, in our words starting with the Letter S, we get to find out about some beautiful places.

1. S is for South Dakota

There may not be a lot of people in South Dakota, but the state still offers plenty of unique attractions! Although much of the state is occupied by plains, it’s home to the Black Hills National Forest, which is the site of Mount Rushmore. That is an enormous sculpture of the faces of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt carved into the rocky hillside. The presidents’ faces are roughly 60 feet tall!

2. S is for Stonehenge

Found on England’s Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, Stonehenge is a huge man-made circle of standing stones. Built by our ancestors over many hundreds of years, it’s one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments… And one of it’s biggest mysteries, too! No one knows who built Stonehenge or why they built it. During the summer solstice, the sunrise lines up with some of the stones in a particular way. This suggests that the arrangement of stones may work as a calendar. In Egypt and South America, similar ancient buildings can be found.

3. S is for Sicily

Sicily is located in the central Mediterranean Sea, south of the Italian Peninsula. The city has a rich and unique culture, especially with regard to the arts, music, literature, cuisine, and architecture. It is also home to important archaeological and ancient sites. Sicily’s sunny, dry climate, scenery, cuisine, history and architecture attract many tourists from mainland Italy and abroad. The tourist season peaks in the summer months, although people visit the island all year round.


S is for Sweet Potato

sweet potatoes start with s- sweet potato patty- kids activities blog

Nutritious sweet potatoes are in season year round. While the orange veggie shows up a lot around the holidays on Thanksgiving dinner tables, it’s just as versatile in the winter, spring and summer. In fact, February is National Sweet Potato Month.

Here are some of my favorite sweet potato recipes, for you!


Sorbet starts with S and it’s so good. It’s cold, fruity, fresh, and perfect for anyone who is lactose intolerant. So good, refreshing, and a great way to enjoy fruit of all kinds. Just like this delicious berry sorbet recipe.


Soup also starts with S. All soups are so different, but many are delicious. Soup is great in spring, summer…really any season. Here are some of our favorite soup recipes like: potato soup, taco soup, and savory Thai coconut soup.

Our Favorite Books That Start With THe Letter S

Words That Start With The Letter S- Scaredy Squirrel- Kids Activities Blog
Scaredy Squirrel definitely starts with the letter S!

Scaredy Squirrel

Reinforce the letter S and letter S words with this fun book about Scaredy Squirrel. A squirrel who is too scared to leave his tree. Until one day he has to and learns he isn’t so scared after all.

Words That Start With The Letter S- Snakes Snacks- Kids Activities Blog
Learn the letter s and s words with this fun book, Snake’s Snacks!

Snake’s Snacks

Explore letter S and letter S words with this fun letter S book which is part of an alphabet series. Snake’s snacks introduces sight words, helps build literacy, and fluency and is perfect for the classroom or at bedtime.

Words That Start With The Letter S- Shake My Sillies out- Kids Activities Blog
Another fun book full of letter S words.

Shake My Sillies Out

What a fun book that has lots of letter S words. In Shake My Sillies Out there are rhymes and songs and lots of rhythm and repetition. Which helps children with their speech skills, listening skills, and lays foundation for future reading skills.


More Letter S Words and Resources For Alphabet Learning

Can you think of more examples for words that start with the letter S? Share some of your favorites below!

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