Super Easy DIY Noise Makers

DIY Party Noise Makers are really very simple to make. I know they are cheap to buy, but we actually turned this into a fun activity and learned some things as well while we were making them. It’s a great boredom buster for kids. Kids of all ages will love this noise maker craft. This craft is perfect to make at home or in the classroom!

diy party noise makers - red straw noise maker being blown - kids activities blog
Make your own noise makers for any party!

Homemade Party Noise Makers

These homemade noise makers are so easy to make. They’re perfect for holidays, for parties, or really for any reason! It’s a fun sensory craft that makes a lot of silly noises.

Younger kids and even older kids will absolutely love this noise maker craft. And the best part is, it’s budget-friendly! You only need two craft supplies to make a noise maker! How cool is that?

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Video: Make Your Own DIY Noise Makers

Here is the short video if you want to hear it our DIY party sound maker.

Supplies Needed To Make Noise Makers

How To Make DIY Party Noise Makers

diy party noise makers steps 1-6 - grab scissors and straw, cut swirls until halfway up the straw. Crust end of the straw, cut out slivers from one end- kids activities blog
Noise makers are so easy and can be made in a few simple steps!

Step 1

Get scissors and some straws.

Step 2

Start cutting through the straw to make a spiral.

Step 3

Cut at least half of the straw that way.

Step 4

Flatten the other end of the straw with your finger (or scissors)

Step 5

Cut the straw to remove the two slanted ends.

How To Use Your Homemade Noise Makers

party noise makers fun- kid using the noise maker- kids activities blog
Did you know different length noise makers will make different sounds?
  • It will take few tries to master these sound makers.
  • It might help to get a better sound if you tightly squeeze the straw next to your mouth. Experiment with different lengths and sizes of the straws.
  • This will cause various sounds. How about making some holes in the straw tube?

Decorate Your DIY Noise Makers

homemade party noise makers
You could make them any color you wanted!

Also go crazy on the decorations. You could tape a paper tube on the straw to make it look bigger and more festive.


  1. Grab your scissors and straws!
  2. You’ll use your scissors to start cutting a spiral through one end of the straw.
  3. Cut the spiral until you’re halfway up the straw.
  4. Flatten the other end of the straw, either with your fingers or scissors.
  5. Then, you will cut the straw at 2 angles. Like you’re cutting out 2 small triangles or slanted ends.

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How did your noise maker turn out? Did you learn to use it easily? Learn to make different sounds?

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