Summer Bucket List for Kids Ideas with Free Printable

Let’s make your summer bucket list for kids together today to plan out summer fun and ways to make family memories. Use our free summer bucket list printable and then fill in the spaces with your choice of summer fun using our list of 50+ suggested summer bucket list activities for kids. This summer will be the most fun…ever!

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Let’s plan a summer bucket list for kids!

Summer Bucket List for Kids

If you look back at past summers, you might notice that summer flies by! In fact, often you will look back and wonder where all those warm days and nights went.

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This summer you can be more intentional about fitting in all the family fun that you dream about. Let’s make summer memories together by creating our own personal summer bucket list.

Free Printable Summer Bucket List for Kids

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Let’s print a summer bucket list!

Download and print our free summer bucket list with the button below and then use the 50 activities for summer list to fill it in with the things you want to do this summer together. It is one of the easiest ways ever to fill your summer days with fun and games.

Download & Print Summer Bucket List PDF File Here

Suggested Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

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Let’s fill in our summer bucket list!
  1. Go Catch some bugs.
  2. Watch a butterfly hatch from a chrysalis.
  3. Make and enjoy fresh homemade lemonade.
  4. Paint with fizzing sidewalk paint.
  5. Make a tightrope for kids for your backyard!
  6. Dream of winter by making snowglobes out of paper plates! – love the solar system one!
  7. Take a mini-road trip to a new destination.
  8. Make homemade bouncy balls.   Great fun if you bring them to the splash pad!
  9. Make a fire, create and roast campfire food with these yummy smore cones.
  10. Freeze some fun toys in ice and be an excavator and chip them free.
  11. Play I-Spy outside!   Great way to notice the little details in the world around you!
  12. Clean out the trash cans… and then make noise with them! My kids love trashcan drumming.
  13. Make a paper airplane and then host a flying contest!
  14. Choose one of these 50 popsicle recipes and freeze something yummy to eat!
  15. Watch ants change colors and learn about how they digest food with a fun outdoor experiment.
  16. Kool-aide Slurppies! Nothing says summer time better than slurppies by the pool.
  17. Visit a farmers market together and make veggie smoothies (or a dessert smoothie) with the produce.
  18. Fill a dry kiddie pool with a variety of items for a giant sensory tub activity.
  19. Watch pill bugs race.  See if you can collect a whole “family” of bugs.
  20. Make and eat some homemade kid-made butter.
  21. Add some fun to your slip-n-slide, with shaving cream!
  22. Use damaged pool noodles for art, a sword fight, or to create a marble run.
  23. Play outdoor bingo – go on a hunt for the items on your card.   Whoever finds things in a row first wins.
  24. Experience and explore gravity by playing with pulleys
  25. Make cloud dough.
  26. Decorate rocks for your garden – with melted crayons!
  27. Have a lazy boardgame afternoon.   Here are some of our suggested best board games.
  28. Pick a flower, with your favorite color of paint make flower prints.
  29. Play with glow sticks – put them inside balloons, dump the contents into jars of water, paint with them, etc.
  30. Explore the colors of the rainbow with ice.
  31. Create with your recycle bin – make a recycled robot craft.
  32. Host a nature scavenger hunt.
  33. Decorate some tin cans and create some DIY windchimes.   Compare the sounds of different sizes/shapes of cans.
  34. Collect your summer memories into a keepsake jar.
  35. Create art sculptures with tin foil.
  36. Decorate your yard with balloon people OR make a bunch and hand them out at the park – put smiles on the kids faces.
  37. Get muddy and make some dirt soup with the kids!
  38. Paint with water outside – I love mess-free art!
  39. Foam – a messy sensory project that is magically fun.
  40. Make paper plate roses.
  41. Make a popsicle stick bridge!
  42. Freeze bananas (or grapes, strawberries, etc. Dip them in chocolate or yogurt for a fun summer treat.
  43. Play with giant bubbles – the bigger the better.
  44. Take your kids fishing.   Don’t have a pole?   Go pretend fishing.
  45. Make shadow art with your favorite toys.
  46. Have a tea party – outside.   Bring your friends and stuffed animals.
  47. Make a splashpad at your own house with a DIY PVC pipe sprinkler system.
  48. Have fun decorating the garden with some concrete stepping stones.
  49. Water the yard – the slow way, with homemade watering cans.
  50. Explore scents outside with a water table experiment.
  51. Play and mold sculptures with Rice Crispie Treats
  52. collect items for a bird nest – that the birds can use to decorate their nests with.
  53. Make a butterfly feeder and homemade butterfly food for your yard.
  54. Make bathtub paint!

Camp Mom is Full of Fun Summer Ideas

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Check out camp mom for more summer ideas.

Check out one of our favorite summer ideas…camp mom! Flip through the pages of Camp mom for tons of summer fun at your fingertips with full instructions and pictures.Your kids will never be bored again.

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