Solana Meme Factory Pump.Fun Adds Livestreaming Feature—What Could Go Wrong?

Solana meme coin creation protocol has added a livestreaming feature in its latest update. Less than 24 hours after it was added, things have gotten very weird.

This comes after a “livestreaming meta” triggered by a mom sexualizing herself on a Kick stream to pump her son’s meme coin took over Twitter. This led to a series of tokens driven by crazy stunts performed on stream. They’ve run the gamut: There’s been a boxing fight that ended with a dev losing a tooth or a man who claimed to have no hands so he couldn’t rug the token he was promoting. Then—you guessed it—he pulled his hands from behind his back and blatantly rugged the token on stream. 

In the past, degenerate devs would livestream on other platforms like Kick, Twitter, or even Telegram. But now, has added the option to livestream as an experimental native feature on the platform.

Considering the lengths to which devs have already gone to pump their meme coins, some worry this new feature will accelerate the degeneracy—especially without the kind of strict guidelines and content rules on other livestreaming platforms.

There’s already a dev livestreaming a close up of their asshole and another that’s put their seven year-old daughter on stream.

“There aren’t rules for streaming. Depending on the content of your stream it’ll be tagged as [safe for work] or [not safe for work],” support, Shadow, told Decrypt on Telegram. He later added that these tags need to be manually added by moderators. 

It’s important to note that while explicit tokens are tagged NSFW, users are not prompted to confirm they are over 18 before entering the stream. support told Decrypt that users could have sex while on stream and would not see any repercussions. When questioned whether someone could livestream self-harm, support replied: “We would rather not have someone do that.” 

This move comes a week after a dev doused himself in isopropyl alcohol and had fireworks shot at him, resulting in third degree burns. He was rushed to a hospital and is now in a Miami intensive care unit, recovering from a skin graft.

Mikol, the Solana dev who suffered the burns, took to Twitter saying, “I need my credit.” He was suggesting that added the feature, in part, because his stunt made headlines. 

Meanwhile, some users of the platform are upset that features that lean into its casino-like elements are being prioritized. They’d rather see the team do more to focus on safety and security. 

“Instead of doing updates to allow users to better protect [themselves] from scam & rugs, they’re only doing what will bring them the most media coverage,” one investor said on Twitter.

The meme coin factory faced a serious exploit earlier this month at the hands of a purported ex-employee who appears to have been arrested. Stacc, the attacker, said he wanted to “kill” the protocol because it “inadvertently hurt people,” warning that if things continue how they are that someone is “going to kill themselves eventually.”

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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