Riding on a Budget: The Best Bikes Under ₹80,000 in 2024!

In 2024, the Indian bike market continues to offer a wide range of options for budget-conscious enthusiasts. With a price cap of ₹80,000, manufacturers have skillfully designed bikes that balance performance, fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety without compromising on style. In this article, we explore four of the best bikes under ₹80,000, highlighting their unique attributes and market positioning.

Product Details

Hero Splendor Plus Xtec (Price: ₹79,911)

The Splendor Plus Xtec combines classic design with modern technology, featuring a digital display with Bluetooth connectivity. Its reliable engine delivers fuel efficiency, making it ideal for daily commutes. Safety features like the side-stand engine cut-off provide added security.

Hero Splendor Plus XTec
Hero Splendor Plus XTec

Honda Livo (Price: ₹78,818)

The Livo boasts a sleek and sporty design appealing to young riders. Its refined engine, equipped with Honda’s HET technology, ensures smooth performance and excellent fuel efficiency. The combi-brake system with equalizer enhances braking safety.

2018 honda livo image
Honda Livo

TVS Radeon (Price: ₹76,094)

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Radeon offers superior comfort with its long seat, providing ample space for rider and pillion. The Dura-Life engine balances performance and fuel efficiency, while LED DRLs and chrome bezels add elegance to its robust design.

Tvs Radeon 1
TVS Radeon

Honda Shine (Price: ₹79,800)

The Shine caters to riders seeking a blend of performance and practicality. Its 125cc engine, engineered for ‘Smart Power’ (SP), optimizes fuel consumption without compromising on performance. The 5-speed transmission and Combi-Brake System further enhance the riding experience and safety.

Honda Shine
Honda Shine

Strategic Positioning

Each bike targets specific demographics within the budget segment. The Hero Splendor Plus Xtec appeals to those who value classic design with modern tech, while the Honda Livo attracts young riders seeking sporty aesthetics. The TVS Radeon prioritizes comfort, making it suitable for long rides, and the Honda Shine focuses on delivering a balanced performance for practical buyers.

Competitive Market Analysis

In the sub-₹80,000 category, these bikes face competition from models like the Bajaj Platina 110, Yamaha Saluto RX, and the TVS Star City Plus. However, each of the featured bikes stands out with its unique selling propositions. The Hero Splendor Plus Xtec’s Bluetooth connectivity, the Honda Livo’s fuel-saving technology, the TVS Radeon’s ergonomic design, and the Honda Shine’s 5-speed transmission set them apart from their competitors.

Tvs Radeon Stylish Petrol Tank With Ribbed Thigh Pads


The best bikes under ₹80,000 in India for 2024 showcase how manufacturers are innovating to meet the needs of budget-conscious buyers. The Hero Splendor Plus Xtec, Honda Livo, TVS Radeon, and Honda Shine each offer a unique blend of features, performance, and value. By prioritizing different aspects like design, comfort, technology, and fuel efficiency, these bikes cater to various buyer preferences within the budget segment.

For daily commuters, the Hero Splendor Plus Xtec and Honda Shine provide reliable performance and fuel efficiency. Young riders seeking style and performance may prefer the Honda Livo, while those prioritizing comfort for longer rides should consider the TVS Radeon.

As the Indian bike market continues to evolve, these models demonstrate that budget-friendly options can still deliver on essential features and performance. Buyers should assess their specific needs and priorities when choosing from these impressive offerings in the sub-₹80,000 category.

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