Pixelverse Launching Token on TON as Telegram Game 'PixelTap' Takes Off

Cyberpunk-themed crypto gaming ecosystem Pixelverse is launching a token on The Open Network (TON) as its Telegram-based game PixelTap player base grows.

PixelTap is a clicker-meets-combat game that lets you earn in-game coins to upgrade your robots that you take into battle. When fighting, you’ll frantically tap parts of the screen to attack your opponent’s bot, as well as craft special attacks and try to defend yourself.

But Pixelverse is more than just its Telegram game—it also offers a web browser-based quest battler in the same universe. This game, called Pixelverse, is currently in an “early preview” phase as it prepares for an alpha release.

Pixelverse says that it has amassed 35 million players so far, most of which appear to be playing PixelTap as the broader Telegram gaming space surges.

Pixelverse’s token will use the ticker PIXFI, will have a total supply of 5 billion, and will be essential to the ecosystem. As per official documentation, PIXFI will be used to trade, craft, and battle in Pixelverse.

The Telegram-linked network, TON, is the home for the largest web3 gaming projects that use the app. Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, and Catizen are all building on the network, with Notcoin successfully launching NOT in May as the largest gaming token of 2024.

“TON and Telegram are paving the way for mass crypto adoption, and we are excited to be part of this journey,” Pixelverse replied to the announcement post.

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