Pick up two Tile Pro Bluetooth trackers for only $48

You can pick up two Tile Pro trackers on . This is 20 percent off and the lowest price we’ve seen all year for these handy little Bluetooth trackers. This deal gets you one black Tile and one white Tile, though there are also discounts on .

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The Tile Pro is a stellar tracking device. It made our list of the for some very good reasons. The key-fob shaped device is sturdy and easy to use. We enjoyed the lengthy connectivity range and the higher-than-average ring volume, at 78 decibels. You’ll hear this thing, even if the device it’s attached to is buried underneath a couch cushion somewhere.

We found the tracker to be highly accurate during our finder network tests. This is also the only Tile device with a replaceable battery, so you won’t have to trash the tracker when it fails. The battery that ships with the device lasts around a year. It uses a standard CR2032, which is easy to find and budget-friendly.

Though the tracker works with both Android and Apple devices, we had less luck with the iOS ecosystem. The iPhone experience was plagued by connectivity issues and a lack of alerts. This is the tracker to get for those tied to Android. There’s one final caveat. Tile requires a subscription to enable separation alerts, which goes for $3 per month or $30 per year. This isn’t needed for regular household use, but comes in handy if you lose something out in the world. For the price of a subscription, the company also throws in a free battery each year and will reimburse up to $100 on lost items.

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