One Day-Old Tata Nexon Facelift Crashes With Tractor On Highway: Passengers Safe [Video]

Imagine you bought a car today and tomorrow that car is no longer with you. The devastated feeling that you’ll have is one that everyone can relate to. Recently, one such thing happened with a Tata Nexon facelift buyer. Unfortunately, his car was involved in a severe accident with a tractor on a two-lane highway. This accident led to the complete destruction of the rear end of this newly purchased Tata Nexon facelift. However, the passengers of the Nexon Facelift and the tractor driver escaped without injuries.

This video showing the aftermath of this horrific accident has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh. It starts with a presenter mentioning that this video has been submitted to him by a viewer of his channel from Maharashtra. He explains that a Tata Nexon facelift was being driven on a two-lane highway.

Next up, the creator of the video mentions that, at the same time, a tractor with not one but two trolleys came towards it. Now the exact reason why the following accident took place has not been reported. He states that, according to him, it happened due to the tractor becoming uncontrollable after speeding.

Tata Nexon facelift destroyed

Tata Nexon crash

The presenter then explains that as the tractor became uncontrolled, it rolled over on the left side of the road. Meanwhile, its second trolley managed to collide with the Tata Nexon. He adds that the Nexon driver, as can be noted, even placed his car on the extreme left side of the road.

However, despite this, the accident took place. It can be noted that the entire rear right section of the car has been destroyed. The rear tailgate and its supporting structure have also torn off the vehicle. The entire rear windscreen was also broken.

Tata Nexon crash with tractor

Apart from this, the front and left portions of the car were intact. The presenter mentions that this particular Nexon was brand new. He stated that the car was bought just a day before this accident took place. We can also note that there was a garland still placed on the front grille of the car.

Another incident involving a tractor

car crash with tractor

Apart from this incident, the video also shows another accident that took place on a highway. In this particular case, the car which crashed was equipped with a dashcam. What happened was a car was being driven on a four-lane highway at normal speeds.

The dashcam footage then shows that a tractor was coming from the wrong direction. What’s more astonishing is that the tractor was driving on the extreme right side of the road. Following this, the driver did not slow the car as he thought the tractor driver would continue to go on the wrong side.

car crash with tractor

However, to his surprise, the tractor driver abruptly turned his vehicle and made a right turn. By this time, he came completely into the middle of the road. After which the car driver tried to steer right but could not manage to get the car through on time and crashed. This resulted in a severe destruction of the front of the car.

Why dashcams are important?

Hyundai Venue Knight Edition dashcam

The second incident shows that having a dashcam in the car is of utmost importance. The Tata Nexon in the first incident did not have a dashcam. Hence, we cannot fully know what happened before the accident took place. However, in the second accident, we see that it was entirely the fault of the tractor driver. Because of these situations, we advise everyone to install dashcams in their cars.

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