Old Man Doing Donuts On A Royal Enfield Bullet Is the Coolest Thing You’ll See Today [Video]

We have seen young bikers doing stunts on tracks as well as on public roads. Most of the time, it is young men who we see doing such stunts. However, here we have a video where an old man is seen doing donuts on a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. It is probably one of the coolest things you’ll see today on the internet.


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The video has been shared by a user on Instagram. The video shows an old man sitting on an old Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. He is seen talking to people around him. The man riding the bike looks over 60 years old easily. He is seen looking at the person recording the video and is saying something. There is some sort of machinery being operated because of which we can’t hear the old man properly.

He says something and quickly leans the bike to his left. Puts his right foot on the ground firmly and then turns the handlebar and starts accelerating. The bike simply turns around, and the old man rides the bike away.

All this happened in a matter of just seconds. It felt like the old man has been doing this for a very long time and was very confident about this stunt. He had a smile on his face all the time while doing this stunt.

Is It Cool?

While the video of the old man doing this stunt looks cool, there are a couple of things we noticed in the video. First of all, the old man was not wearing any helmet or any type of riding gear. When he was doing the stunt, the bike was parked next to the road with decent traffic on it. We see a couple of bikers pass behind the old man on the same road.

Old man Bullet stunt
Old man Bullet stunt

Doing any type of stunt without proper riding gear or safety gear is not recommended. If the old man had lost control of the bike for some reason, the chances of him getting hurt were pretty high. The bike would have easily gone ahead onto the road and crashed into some other vehicle passing by.

By wearing safety gear as basic as a helmet, the old man would have easily saved himself from any type of head injury. We have seen several instances in the past where riders have escaped from major accidents only because they were wearing riding gear.

The Royal Enfield Bullet seen here is an extremely heavy bike, and the chances of losing balance or falling over were pretty high. We are happy that the old man did the stunt, but we are not happy with the way he did it.

He was also doing it in a public place. We have said it several times in our articles that public roads are not for such stunts. If you really want to do such stunts, look for private property or a track. By doing stunts in such a controlled environment, you won’t put your life and the lives of other road users at risk.

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