No Honking, No Chaos: Northeast India’s Traffic Triumph [VIDEO]

When it comes to the civic sense of drivers in India, not much is expected. This is because everyone is in a rush to reach somewhere. For this, they break any law or traffic rule that can help them get to their destination faster. However, there are some places in India where people continue to obey rules and have the highest level of civic sense. Recently, a video showing this exact thing has been shared online, and it is from the Northeast region of India.

Civic sense in Northeast India
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Civic Sense in Northeast India

This video of people queuing up without any honking or breaking of line on the road has been shared on Reddit. In this short clip, a man can be heard explaining the situation of traffic in the Northeast. He shows that all of the cars in the left lane are standing in their respective places.

It can also be observed that no driver is honking. Additionally, no vehicle is trying to overtake the traffic by going on the wrong side. The cameraman then mentions that this is the reason why people across the country admire the residents of Northeast India. These people are very calm and allow the traffic to flow as it is supposed to.

North east civic sense

He adds that people who come from Delhi and other places are destroying these cities by driving recklessly. In the second part of the video, he shows how people were standing on the road with their vehicles turned off. The entire road can be seen in a calm state.

Why is this traffic jam so long?

According to one of the users on Reddit, this video is from Shillong, Meghalaya. He explained that there is a dam currently under construction just 2-3 km ahead. He added that because of this dam’s construction, he was stuck in similar traffic for 3 hours.

North East people civic sense

The user highlighted that the route from Shillong to Ghy takes 2.5-3 hours. However, on the day he got stuck in this traffic, it took him around 6-7 hours. Another user commented on the same post that Shillong has some of the worst traffic jams in terms of duration. He added that people are better off walking or using a bicycle rather than a car.

How do people in the Northeast have this civic sense?

We have covered this previously as well. However, here is the explanation behind this behavior of people from the Northeast. It is believed that people in this region have a lot of mutual respect, and it is a part of their culture.

According to the people from the Northeast, it is in their nature to take care of others. Hence, they follow all the traffic rules. These people are extremely careful, do not overtake people brutally, and do not change lanes. Another reason is that these people do not want anyone else to get in trouble because of them.

Residents have stated that even if someone is in a hurry, they would just honk the horn twice. By just listening to the slight horn honk, the person realizes that either he or she is driving too slowly, or the person who honked is in a hurry, and the driver should let him or her go ahead.

So once there is enough space for the person behind to overtake, these drivers are allowed to overtake. After the overtake is completed, the person who is overtaking once again honks the horn. However, this is considered a thank you by the fellow drivers.

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