NIM for DYM: Dymension Stakers Get First Confirmed Airdrop

Dymension—a layer-1 blockchain network built with Cosmos tech for app-specific “RollApps”—launched a massive token airdrop back in February, raining down $390 million worth of DYM tokens on crypto users across various communities. Now anyone who staked DYM can claim another airdrop from a RollApp building on the chain.

NIM Network, a RollApp powered by Dymension and Celestia that is focused on powering AI gaming applications, launched its own “Genesis Rolldrop” airdrop claim on Thursday, serving up 90 million NIM tokens (9% of total supply).

According to the network, more than 500,000 wallets are eligible to claim tokens, though the token is not yet available for trading. The claim window runs until April 4.

This includes crypto users who have staked DYM tokens and makes up a majority of the airdrop tokens, with 50 million NIM in total. The announcement comes after weeks of building speculation that DYM stakers would be eligible for future airdrop rewards. (Our own Degenz Reports team had spotlighted Dymension airdrop opportunities weeks ago in its weekly Airdrop Report for subscribers.)

But that’s not all. Like Dymension before it, NIM Network has opened up the airdrop to various communities in an effort to broaden its own holder base. Wallets that hold certain NFTs for the games Parallel, Pirate Nation, AI Arena, and Today: The Game can also claim NIM tokens, according to an official post about the drop, which has precise details.

Furthermore, holders of the valuable Ethereum NFT collection Pudgy Penguins can claim tokens, as can token holders of the 9dcc fashion brand and members of the Wolves DAO gaming community that hold soulbound tokens.

Certain wallets that have interacted with Gitcoin, Ocean Protocol, and Olas Network are also eligible. Full details for all listed communities are available via the official blog post, plus there’s an official eligibility checker tool linked in there. United States-based users are not eligible for the airdrop, regardless of which above category they fell in.

DYM is up 9% on the day at a current price of $6.00 per token, but is down 15% over the last 30 days.

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