‘Monster’ Mahindra Thar Rescues Toyota Innova Crysta And Other Family Cars Stuck In -5 Degrees Weather [Video]

In the last few weeks, mountain states like Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir have been experiencing heavy snowfall. This has led to an increase in the number of tourists visiting the area. Many of them come prepared and drive 4×4 SUVs to such places, while there are others who come in normal cars and get stuck in the snow. We have seen several cases in the past where tourists stuck in snow are rescued using Gypsy and other 4×4 vehicles. Here we have a video where a heavily modified monster Mahindra Thar rescues a Toyota Innova Crysta MPV stuck in snow.

The video has been shared by Thisisgabru on their YouTube channel. In this video, a vlogger who owns the monster Gypsy was visiting the hill station to enjoy the fresh snowfall. While spending time in the area, he found several two-wheel-drive vehicles stuck in snow. He decided to help them as he already had everything to recover these vehicles with him and also make a video out of it. He mentions in the video that there are people who charge for recovery; however, he was doing this only for the sake of humanity.

He saves several cars in this video; however, we would only be talking about the first couple of recoveries. The first car in this video is a Toyota Innova Crysta. The MPV was actually parked in the driveway of a hotel, and in order to join the main road, the MPV had to go up a slope. The MPV, being a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, was losing traction and was unable to climb up. The monster Thar came to the recovery here. The vlogger tied the front of the Crysta using a tow rope and attached the other end to his Thar.

‘Monster’ Mahindra Thar Rescues Toyota Innova Crysta And Other Family Cars Stuck In -5 Degrees Weather [Video]
Thar recovers Innova Crysta

What made this recovery challenging was the sharp turn after the climb. The Mahindra Thar had no problems in pulling the SUV up; however, as they were about to join the road, the sharp turn created problems. The long tow strap was rubbing against the railing on the road and was pushing the car in a different direction.

In order to avoid issues, the vlogger dropped the tow strap, drove the car to the other side of the road, and used the winch to pull it out. We can see throughout the video that the monster Thar was performing all this without any problems. Finally, the MPV was out on the road, and the owner can be heard thanking the vlogger on video.

The next recovery was of a Mahindra Thar 4×4. The diesel manual Mahindra Thar with stock wheels and alloys was stuck on a slope, and due to low air pressure, the rear left wheel on this SUV debeaded, making the recovery a lot more challenging. The monster Thar had to carefully pull the SUV out from the snow as the driver had to ensure the wheels did not get damaged. As the SUV was parked in snow, the owner could not even replace the debeaded tire with the spare one. The vlogger carefully pulled the SUV out, and the owner later replaced the spare wheel. He also recovered several other vehicles like MG Hector, Maruti Ertiga, and so on.

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