Mahindra XUV500 owner buys another XUV500 after covering 2.5 lakh kms in first SUV [Video]

Mahindra is currently one of the largest SUV manufacturers in India. They have a variety of products in their lineup. Mahindra Scorpio and XUV500 are some of the vehicles that popularized the brand among young SUV buyers. The Scorpio had a rugged look, while the XUV500 appealed to those who wanted a premium-looking SUV on a budget. The XUV500 was discontinued from the market just before the launch of the XUV700. However, there is still a decent fan base for this SUV in the market. Here, we have a video where a person sold his 10-year-old XUV500 and bought a used XUV500.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks to the owner of an XUV500. The owner actually bought a used XUV500 after selling his 10-year-old XUV500 that had done over 2.5 lakh kilometers. The owner mentions that he lives in the Delhi NCR region, and due to the 10-year rule on diesel cars, he had to sell the car. He sold the car to a known person in his family only. The owner can be heard saying that he was planning to buy a new car because his XUV500 was completing 10 years.

He went and checked the Mahindra Thar diesel and also checked the Kia Seltos diesel. Both SUVs were different and also offered a decent number of features in their own way. However, the customer was not satisfied. He was not sure about buying these SUVs. It was then that his father told him to check if there are any used XUV500 SUVs in good condition in the market. He started looking for an XUV500, and he soon found this.

Mahindra XUV500 owner buys another XUV500 after covering 2.5 lakh kms in first SUV [Video]
Owner with his used XUV500

He liked the SUV, and the SUV was Haryana registered as well. The customer liked the overall condition, and the automatic transmission felt like an added advantage. The owner told them that he wanted to buy an automatic as he mostly drives in the city with heavy traffic. The owner, after buying the XUV500, changed the front look of the SUV to the latest version of the XUV500. He also remapped the ECU to ensure that the car generates more power.

The interior of the car looks extremely clean. The owner mentions that he only added a new seat cover to the car, and everything else is stock. He mentions that the reason why he went back to the XUV500 was that he was not satisfied with any other vehicle from other brands or Mahindra. He feels that the XUV500 handles in a better manner than that of the Ford Endeavor or any other vehicle. He also mentions that he does not get the service done from the authorized service center as he feels they overcharge every time.

He can be heard saying that every time he used to take his older XUV500 to the service center, they used to give him a bill of around Rs 13,000. The same service costs him around Rs 5,000, including parts and labor. He is really sad about selling his older XUV500 and also mentions that after this SUV, he has no idea which vehicle he would buy in the future.

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