Kia Carnival Passengers Hang Out Of Sunroof, Throw Coloured Water Balloons At Pedestrians [Video]

Some rich brats think they own the city they live in and can do anything they want. These people often exploit traffic rules and cause inconvenience to people because of their wealth and power. Recently, one such example of stupidity on public roads has been shared online. In this video, two boys were standing out of a Kia Carnival’s sunroof and were throwing water balloons. These people were seen harassing unsuspecting pedestrians walking on the side of the road.

The occupants of a car who were caught on camera throwing colour-filled balloons at pedestrians.
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Rich brats throwing balloons

The video of these rich brats throwing water balloons out of their Kia Carnival has been shared on Reddit. The video was recorded by a person who was driving behind a Kia Carnival and Toyota Fortuner. The video shows that two young boys were standing out of the sunroof of their Kia Carnival MPV.

What these boys were doing was they were throwing water balloons at people on the sidewalk. As Holi is approaching, these people thought that it would be a fun idea to harass common people on the road. It can be noted that they first threw a few balloons at a man on a sidewalk. However, this man somehow dodged them.

Next up, they reach a roundabout where two young boys were standing. These boys from the Kia Carnival then threw balloons at them from close vicinity. It can be noted that the two boys on the road were disgruntled. However, they did nothing and were standing with distress.

Kia Carnvial passengers throwing baloons

Following this, the video then shows these two hooligans throwing more balloons. They were continuously harassing people minding their own business. Both the Kia Carnival and Toyota Fortuner of these boys came to a halt at a traffic signal. During this time, both of the boys went inside with their bucket.

What happened next?

After refilling their buckets with more balloons, these boys then came out. And after coming out, they spotted the car driver who was recording their video. These boys then saw him recording and they threw a balloon at the car of the person recording the video.

Have they been apprehended?

At the moment, there are no reports which state if these hooligans have been apprehended or not. However, the number plates of both cars including the Kia Carens and the Toyota Fortuner are visible. It’s likely the police authorities will catch them.

Rich people throwing cash out of cars

groom throws cash jaguar car delhi

In other such incidents, recently a video was shared online in which a rich groom was seen throwing cash  on a public highway. In this video, a fleet of luxury cars including Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguar and other cars were seen in convoy.

Along with the groom, a few other friends and relatives of the groom were seen throwing out loads of cash. They were doing this to show off their wealth, however, most likely these currency notes were fake.

range Rover man throwing cash

Apart from this, another man from the front passenger seat of a Range Rover was seen doing the same. This video was from Sector 20, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, in which a man was throwing currency notes on the road.

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