India’s Craziest Modified Maruti 800: Scissor Doors And More (Video)

Over the last few years, the car modification culture in India has increased by a lot, and more and more people are modifying their cars. Recently, showing the craze of car modifications in India, a video has been shared online, which shows India’s craziest modified Maruti Suzuki 800. This particular tiny hatchback has been given Lamborghini Aventador-style scissor doors. And it also gets modifications like extended fenders, a sunroof, a music system upgrade, and a ton of other things.

This video of India’s most insane Maruti 800 hatchback has been shared on YouTube by Mihir Galat on their channel. It starts off with the presenter mentioning that he has come all the way from Delhi to Shimla to show this unique Maruti 800. He then introduces the owner of the car who mentions that this is his family’s first car and has now finished modifications on this car. After this, he gives a detailed walkaround of his modified Maruti 800.

Maruti 800 exterior modifications

maruti Suzuki 800 with lambo doors front

Following the introduction by the owner, he then starts to show all the modifications done on the front of the car. He mentions that on the front, he has added high-powered LED projector bulbs to enhance the throw of light on the road. Following this, he then mentions that the front bonnet and bumper have been kept stock. Next up, he then shows the front right fender which has a huge circular opening for the air filter. Soon after this, he opens the bonnet of the car and reveals the modifications done.

Maruti Suzuki 800 with lambo doors engine bay

He starts by saying that the car has been given an original K&N air filter which adds around 10 percent power to this hatchback’s small 800cc engine. He mentions that stock this makes around 38 bhp of power but this one makes around 40-41 bhp. Following this, he adds that he has also added a strut brace on the car to help with the lateral stability of the car. He then adds that they have also added extended front and rear fender flares to give it a wide-body appearance. It also gets 13-inch gloss black alloy wheels which are 1 inch bigger than stock wheels.

Maruti Suzuki 800 with lambo doors rear

Maruti 800 Lambo doors

Maruti Suzuki 800 with lambo doors side

Following the exterior modifications, the presenter then shows the main highlight of this build which are its Lambo doors. He states that these Lambo doors are the best Lambo doors that he has seen fitted from an aftermarket shop. The owner explains that there are hydraulics inside the fender that push the door above when they are opened. He also adds that in order for the doors to clear, they had to build custom fenders to make it look flush. He then shows how these doors are operated.

Maruti 800 interior modifications

Maruti Suzuki 800 with lambo doors interior

Following this, the presenter and the owner of the car move to the interior of this hatchback. The presenter highlights that it has been given Sparco racing seats at the front, an OMP aftermarket steering wheel, a Sparco gear knob, and Sparco metal pedals. Apart from this, it also gets two oval four-way speakers, a bass tube, and Sony speakers on the front. Additionally, it also gets a fully removable sunroof as well.

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