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Who doesn’t love a good home hack! What if you need is help juggling your whole life? We have a hack for that! The Home Hacks Handbook is a free printable workbook designed to plan your week, prep your meals, handle your chores, make new habits, and organize your spaces. Who could ask for more? (Seriously, don’t ask for more. It’s already a lot for anyone to manage. But we believe in you!)

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Home hacks for Every part of Your life

Organizing your home takes time, effort — and don’t forget motivation. Miss just one of those elements and suddenly you are stuck in a constant cycle of chores, to-do lists, and clutter? We created the Home Hacks Handbook to help you. Your weekly routine can be clearer, easier, and faster. Learn how to plan your meals, get your chores done, create new habits, and plan your spaces with this comprehensive handbook.

Grab Your Free, Printable Home Hacks Handbook Here!

Having clear plans for the week ahead will set you up for success. The Home Hacks Handbook provides tips and tricks to help you plan your week, meals, chores, habits, and spaces. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a working professional, getting organized helps you manage stress.

Get started by really thinking through your most important tasks – and be realistic about the actual time and energy you have through your week. Prioritize the tasks that actually have an influence on the quality of your life!

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What Is Included in the Home Hacks Handbook?

We’re really not kidding when we say we’ve thought of everything! Here is all that’s included when you download and print your home hacks guide for free:

  • A daily schedule to track meetings, priorities, exercise, and water!
  • A list-style habit tracker
  • Week at a Glance worksheets
  • Plan your menu and make your grocery list on a single-page
  • A five or seven-day meal plan worksheet that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Tips for meal planning and tracking your family’s favorite meals
  • A pantry inventory tracker and tips for keeping it managed
  • A wellness goal planner and reflection worksheet
  • Monthly wellness tracker
  • Chore list with a guide for age-appropriate chores
  • A family chore tracker
  • A task tracker for multi-step projects
  • A declutter plan!
  • A declutter habit tracker to help you stick to your plan!

Need to hack your Life? We have a free, printable worksheet for that!

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Tackle Your Life and Home with the Free Guide!

Remember not to beat yourself up if things don’t go according to plan. That’s just life. But if you thoughtfully use the tools in your guide, you can adjust week after week until you have a clear, confident, manageable plan!

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