German Shepherd Fetches Ball, Comes Back To Find Soldier Returned Home [Video]

Love German Shepherd videos? Me too, and this German Shepherd video will tug at your heartstrings. We all know dogs have big feelings, just like people. And you will see that big time when this German Shepherd fetches a ball and then comes back to find their soldier has returned home. It’s such a sweet German Shepherd video. Check it out!

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Nothing is better than this reunion between soldier and his beloved german shepherd.

German Shepherd Videos That Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

As someone who is an avid animal lover, there are certain things that will always make me tear up…small animals being rescued, any animal finally finding a home, and soldiers returning to their pets after being away. This one honestly pushed me over-the-top on the tearful factor because I didn’t expect the dog to be so vocal.

This German Shepherd Video Is About A Soldier Returning To His Beloved Dog

german shepherd videos- screenshot from video of dog being reunited with soldier- kids activities blog
Hand me a tissue please! This german shepherd video is definitely tugging at my heart strings.

After some time away, this soldier returned to his beloved german shepherd. The dog had been staying with his parents, and while they played with him and loved him, they just weren’t dad.

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Dad Surprised His German Shepherd

german shepherd videos- screenshot of german shepherd with dad- kids activities blog
Playing wasn’t the same! They had a big surprise for this german shepherd.

So when ‘dad’ came home, they decided they wanted to surprise the pooch. The soldier’s dad starts the surprise by throwing the dog’s favorite toy and telling him to go get it. When he does? He immediately see’s who is waiting for him.

And it is beautiful.

The Excitement Of The Soldier and German Shepherd Will Make Your Heart Melt

german shepherd videos- screenshot of playing fetch- kids activities blog
The german shepherds cries of excitment is almost heartbreaking.

The sounds this dog makes are a mixture of incredibly sweet, and almost heartbreaking! You can hear exactly how much he’s been missing his pet-papa, and how much it means to have him back.

Take a look!

Video: German Shepherd Fetches to Find Soldier Has Returned Home

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What did you think about this German Shepherd video? Did it melt your heart?

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