Fun Bat Facts For Kids To Print and Learn

Let’s learn some bat fun facts for kids with these printable bat facts coloring pages! Simply download & print the bat facts pages to learn about these nocturnal creatures. Our printable bat facts set includes two fun facts pages filled with facts about bats that you probably didn’t know about! Use our bat fun facts page at home or in the classroom!

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Print these fun facts about bats!

Free Printable Bat Facts for Kids

Don’t fear bats – they are not as scary as people may think! Did you know that bats are the only mammals that are able to fly? And that they are very important to ecosystems because they keep the insect population down? Click the button to download and print the bat fun fact sheets now:

We hope that our facts about bats fun fact sheets help you become familiar with these cute, small animals while kids have fun with a learning activity.

Fun Bat Facts To Share With Your Friends

Bat facts printed pdf file page one shown in black and white with 5 interesting facts for kids about bats
This is our first page in our bat facts printable set!
  1. Bats are the only mammals in the world that can fly for a sustained period of time.
  2. Bats are good for the ecosystems, as some species distribute seeds or pollinate flowers around the world.
  3. Without bats, we wouldn’t have nuts, figs, and cacao. Over 300 species of fruit depend on bats for pollination.
  4. Bats can fly at speeds of 60mph – sometimes even more. The Mexican free-tailed bat can reach up to 100mph.
  5. There are 1,100 species of bats worldwide, with 40 species in the U.S. alone.
Bat facts printed pdf file page two shown in black and white with 5 interesting facts for kids about bats
…and this is the second page in our free bat fact printable PDF.
  1. Bats use echolocation to find food, meaning they produce inaudible high-pitched sounds to listen to the echo that returns back to them.
  2. Bats range in size. The Kitti’s hog-nosed bat weighs less than a penny (it’s the world’s smallest mammal), and the Flying fox bat has a wingspan of up to 6ft.
  3. Bats have very few natural predators, mostly just owls, hawks, and snakes.
  4. Most wild bats live less than 20 years, but the longest living bat is 41 years old.
  5. Most female bats only have one baby bat, called pups, per year. Because of this, bats are really vulnerable to extinction.

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This bat facts set is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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Did you know these facts about bats?

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