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What’s happening? 

– Fulton County Fani Willis’ former lover and Nathan Wade pulls out of Trump case

– Haitian migrant arrested on serious charges

– Pro-Palestinian groups rebuff White House’s attempts to chat

No Wade

The judge in the Georgia election interference case has allowed District Attorney Fani Willis to continue leading the prosecution against former President Trump, but strongly admonished her behavior. 

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee slammed Willis’ speech to a church about the matter because it used racially charged rhetoric, was “playing the race card” and overall seemed “legally improper.” 

Though McAffee declined to disqualify Willis from the case due to her affair with special counsel Nathan Wade and other improprieties, he ruled that Wade would have to be removed from the case — or Willis would need to step back herself. 

Later Friday afternoon, Willis withdrew himself. In his resignation letter, he said he would step down “in the interest of democracy,” and so that the case could move forward “as quickly as possible.”

Willis praised Wade in a written reply, and said she “will always remember” his courage, patriotism and “dedication to justice.” 

Fani Willis split

Judge Scott McAfee, left, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, center, and special prosecutor Nathan Wade, right. (Getty Images)

Willis staying on the case wasn’t the ruling Trump wanted. But Trump said on social media that Wade’s resignation was “BIG STUFF.”

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