DIY Sandboxes Your Kids Will Love

Check out these amazing sandbox ideas! These sandbox ideas are the best way for getting kids outside and playing! Kids of all ages will love each and every sandbox. We have a list of covered sandboxes, tire sandboxes, wood sandboxes, we have a sandbox idea for everyone. Plus, they’re so easy to put together!

DIY Sandboxes Ideas Your Kids Will Go Crazy For- Wood sandboxes, sandboxes with buckets, tire sandboxes, covered sand boxes, and a picnic table sand box
Your kids will go crazy for these sandboxes!

DIY Sandbox Ideas

Your kids will flip out when they see these amazing DIY sandboxes! There’s just something kids love about playing with sand on a hot summer day. And what better way to do that than in a DIY Sandbox made with love by mom or dad? We’ve found the most creative, most fun, most AWESOME sandboxes that you can make to share with you!

Does your little one like playing with a sand table? Water tables? Or even a simple sandbox? Do you enjoy DIY projects? Then this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone! We have gathered every great diy sandbox idea we could! Some double as picnic tables, water tables, rock tables, some have landscape fabric coverings…each one is such a good idea. The best part is, in the era of technology these backyard sandboxes will make your kids want to go outside!

What’s even better is that you can buy bags of sand most places and you can even by colored sand. Each post will have a material list you’ll need for your diy sandbox project and some may be a little more tricky than others, but it will be totally worth it in the end.

DIY Sandboxes Your Kids Will Go Crazy For

1. DIY Bench Sandbox

The lid on this DIY sandbox converts into bench seats via Ana White. Build a new sandbox and have a fun place to sit.

2. DIY Pirate Ship Sand Box

What kid wouldn’t want to play in a DIY pirate ship sand box? via Ana White. This is like a deluxe sandbox, so cool!

3. DIY Tire Sandbox

Turn an old tire into a sandbox for the coolest DIY ever via Craft Ideas 2. I had a sandbox like this, it’s the perfect size for little kids. We also liked bouncing on the tired too.

4. DIY Sandbox Tables

These DIY sandbox tables would be a huge hit. via The DIY Plan. Gotta love an easy project.

5. DIY Traditional Wooden Sandbox

You can’t beat a DIY traditional wooden sandbox! via Kenarry.

6. DIY Sand and Water Table

Woah! How cool is this sand and water table? via The House of Wood.

7. DIY Color Block Sandbox 

You won’t believe what this DIY color block sandbox started out as! via The Homes I Have Made.

8. DIY Raised Sandbox

A raised sandbox is great for keeping out the rain (and critters!) via Sprinkle DIY

DIY Sandbox Ideas - Make a Great Homemade Sandbox with wood, a toy box, lids, and a sign with sandbox rules
Keep animals and bugs out with a lid on your sandbox. I love these sandbox cover ideas.

Awesome Ways To Make Your Own Sandbox

9. DIY Sandbox With Bench Seats

Here’s another fun DIY sandbox with bench seats built in via Utah’s Adventure Family.

10. DIY Super Inexpensive Sandbox

Make a super inexpensive sandbox with this simple hack via Stuff Parents Need.

11. DIY Sandbox Table And Storage

This DIY sandbox table doubles as outdoor storage via Chanty 2 Chic. The best part is there is a sand box cover. Every good sandbox needs a cover, don’t want to find any surprises in it.

12. DIY Sandbox With Rocks

We just love how they filled their sandbox with rocks instead of sand. Way less messy! via Young Love House.

13. DIY Sandbox Made From A Dresser

Turn an old dresser into a sandbox! via Confessions of a Refashionista. This is like a deluxe diy sandbox. It’s roomy, acts as storage, and has a lid!

14. DIY Sand and Rocks Box

Make a sand and rock box from a plastic bin via Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails.

15. DIY Shaded Sandbox

DIY Sandbox Ideas Your Kids Will Love- sandbox rules, sandbox with toy box, tire sandbox, and covered sandbox
I love these sandbox ideas! Make a covered sand box to keep your kids safe from the sun.

Make some shade with a simple fabric cover over your DIY sandbox via Taryn Whiteaker.

Some Of Our Favorite Sandboxes You Can Buy

Don’t have time to build on of these sandbox ideas? Then check out these cheap sandbox ideas.

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Are you ready to play this summer? Do your kids like to play in the sand?

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