Can a 1500 kilo Mahindra Thar DI pull a 15,000 kilo Ashok Leyland Dumper truck? [Video]

The Mahindra Thar is currently one of the most popular SUVs on the market. It enjoys immense popularity among off-road enthusiasts. However, it’s not just the current generation of the Thar that’s popular. The older generation also had its share of popularity, but it did have several issues. It was a boxy, purpose-built SUV with no modern features. This changed with the current generation, and that is one of the reasons why it has become popular as a lifestyle vehicle. We have seen Mahindra Thar vehicles rescuing other vehicles in the past. However, in this video, we have an old-gen Thar DI attempting to pull a 15,000 kg dumper truck.

The video has been uploaded by Gadi Goda Experiment on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger attempts to pull a 15,000 kg Ashok Leyland dumper truck using a 1,500 kg Mahindra Thar DI. This Thar is a 2WD SUV, and the vlogger wanted to test how it would perform. The vlogger quickly gets into the Thar and drives it to a nearby road. His friend in the dumper truck follows him. They reach an empty road, and the truck is parked just behind the Thar.

The vlogger gets down and takes out the metal bar that will be used to connect the truck with the Thar. This way, the vlogger doesn’t have to worry about the rope snapping while pulling the truck. Before attempting this stunt, the vlogger mentions that the truck would be turned on because the brakes on the truck would only be released after the truck is started. These are air brakes, and they are present on most modern trucks. The compressor won’t release the pressure until the truck is turned on for safety reasons.

Can a 1500 kilo Mahindra Thar DI pull a 15,000 kilo Ashok Leyland Dumper truck? [Video]
Thar DI pulling truck

The truck driver simply starts the truck, but he lifts his feet and sits in the driver’s seat. The vlogger then walks toward the Thar and starts the SUV. He engages the gear and attempts to pull the truck. Initially, it felt like the Thar might fail. However, a few seconds later, the truck started moving forward. We can clearly see how challenging it was for the Thar to pull the truck. The rear wheels of the Thar had lost traction and were spinning freely. However, the Thar driver managed to pull the truck for some distance.

Towards the end, smoke started coming out of the rear wheels of the Thar. Pulling a truck as heavy as the Ashok Leyland dumper seen in the video may seem like fun for the video, but it has a very negative impact on the engine. By pulling a vehicle as heavy as the dumper truck, the vlogger was actually putting a lot of pressure on the Thar’s engine. Such stunts are extremely hard on the clutch. The clutch would also burn, and the drivetrain would be damaged. The tires, as we saw in the video, were also damaged as they spun freely on the road, destroying precious rubber. If the driver does this on a daily basis, the car would start experiencing issues and would reduce the overall lifespan of the vehicle. We absolutely do not recommend doing such stunts. However, if the truck was stuck and there was no other way out, then it might be a risk worth taking. Even then, the truck would also have to use its power.

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