Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff seen in his beautifully restored 1968 Fiat 1100 sedan [Video]

Veteran actor Jackie Shroff is known for his roles in Bollywood movies. In his career spanning over four decades, Jackie Shroff has acted in over 220 films. While everyone knows about his acting career, only a few know that he has a great taste for cars. We have written about the expensive cars and bikes that Jackie has in his garage. Usually, he is seen in cars like Isuzu V-Cross and Innova in public. However, during special occasions and events, he brings out his special cars. In one such video that has surfaced online, the actor is seen in a 1968 model Fiat car. The car was fully restored to its original condition.

The video has been shared by Cars For You on their YouTube channel. Jackie Shroff was spotted when he was leaving Asif Bhamla’s birthday party. The exact details of this particular Fiat are not available at the moment. We are not sure if Jackie had this car in his garage for a long time or if he bought it recently. The car is actually a 1968 model Fiat 1100 Elegant vintage sedan.

He was first spotted with this sedan in 2022. In this video, the actor sits on the co-passenger side, and his driver drives him away. The sedan looks completely restored to its original state. Just like any car from the era, there is a lot of chrome. The front chrome grille, bumper, chrome garnishes on the door, and bonnet have all been restored. In the center of the front chrome grille, we can see a round-shaped fog lamp. It is yellow in color, which goes well with the overall vintage look of the car. We do not get to see the car in detail here. However, the actor has definitely maintained the car in pristine condition.

Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff seen in his beautifully restored 1968 Fiat 1100 sedan [Video]
Jackie Shroff in his vintage Fiat

Coming to the interior, just like the exterior, the interior of this sedan has also been neatly redone or restored. The steering wheel appears to be finished in white color. The seats and other panels inside the cabin are finished in a shade of grey. The original seats on the car have been redone too. We are not sure if these are the same pattern or type that the car came with or if Jackie Shroff customized it. Whatever it may be, the cabin looks clean and retro.

It is quite possible that Jackie had this car in his garage for a very long time, and it took him years to actually get the car fully restored before taking it out on the road. Maintaining or restoring a classic or vintage car is actually very difficult. You may face an issue with the vehicle anytime, and fixing the issue is often extremely hard. In many cases, the owners might have to wait for months or even a year to find the right part to fix the issue as they don’t make these cars anymore. Fiat was actually a very popular car brand in India. We used to get rebadged versions of Fiat cars under the brand Premier Automobiles Ltd. The Fiat 1100 Elegant featured here came with a 1.1-liter, 38 PS petrol engine, which was paired with a 4-speed manual gearbox.

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