Biker meets lion at night – What happens next? [Video]

Imagine you are traveling on a village road in the middle of the night on your motorcycle, and suddenly you realize that there is a lion coming straight towards you! Seems scary, right? Well, this is exactly what a man recently faced, and a video of his encounter with the lion has been shared online. In the short video, the man was seen on a bike with a massive lion approaching him. Now what happened next is something that you won’t believe.

What would you do in this situation?
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What happened to the man on the bike?

The video of a man encountering a lion in the middle of the night while riding his bike has been shared on Reddit. The short 23-second video starts with what we believe were two men sitting on a Hero Splendor motorcycle. It can be noted then that a lion was coming towards them, and he was on the right side of this single-lane road.

This particular lion was slowly approaching these motorcycle riders and pillion. From the video, it can be heard that they were saying something. Now what exactly they were saying cannot be understood. However, we believe that most likely they were terrified by seeing this massive lion coming towards them.

Lion jumped off wall

Fortunately enough, the video then proceeds to show that lion after coming extremely near to the bikers turned away. The lion was seen crossing the road right in front of the motorcycle rider and jumping over a wall. Soon after this, the biker accelerates and moves ahead.

Why did the lion not attack the biker?

According to reports, this video has come from Gujarat. It appears that it could be a village near the Gir National Park known for the presence of lions. Now many people have stated that the lions of these areas have become habitual of seeing humans.

It has been stated by netizens that these lions are often seen around villages during nighttime. And over the years, they have become tamed and do not attack humans. Sometimes they do attack the livestock of villagers. However, incidents of them attacking human beings are very rare. It was reported that in a period of two years, 7 people died of lion attacks.

Lion infront of biker

What can you do in such a situation?

Well, this is a question which is pretty simple, yet difficult to answer. The only thing a person can do in this situation is to pray the lion is not hungry (just kidding). Although we wish nobody encounters such a situation in real life. If somehow you do end up in front of a lion. The first thing to remember is to be calm.

Like the man in the video, try to maintain your composure as much as you can. Next up, do not try to make any sudden movements. This is because it could trigger the lion to attack you.

Now if things do really go south, the only thing you can do is shout as loudly as you can. If you had a motorcycle like the man in the video, you can also try to escape the situation. However, you have to be extremely careful before making any such maneuver.

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