Avalanche Shooter 'BloodLoop' Launches Play-to-Airdrop via Epic Games Store

BloodLoop, an Overwatch-style shooter, launched its play-to-airdrop campaign amid its Epic Games Store launch on PC.

The 5v5 hero shooter is now available via the Epic Games Store, putting the Avalanche-based game in front of a user base of 75 million monthly active players. In an attempt to drive awareness and reward early players for testing the game, the project has launched the first season of its play-to-airdrop campaign.

Players can now log onto BloodLoop to complete daily and weekly quests, which grant points. These points then place the user in a rank which, at the end of the campaign, will correlate with the amount of tokens the player is airdropped.

Gamers may be eager to log onto the BloodLoop servers, but they will not always be live. BloodLoop’s servers will be live everyday from 10am-3pm and 7pm-12am UTC until June 30.

Nyan Heroes deployed a similar strategy back in March, when it was listed on the Epic Games Store. This move reportedly helped push the game into the top 30 games on the store with over 200,000 downloads. Similarly, the crypto-infused shooter Shrapnel is only playable during certain windows during its early access period.

BloodLoop revealed its play-to-airdrop campaign on March 4, and eventually launched the Avalanche token on June 10.

“Millions of BLS have been set aside as rewards to be dynamically distributed among players based on their performance,” an official tweet reads. “What matters isn’t how much time you spend farming, but rather how much progress you make in the game during the available time.”

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