Amazon pulls the plug on the business version of its Astro robot

After less than eight months, Amazon has discontinued the business version of its Astro security robot. GeekWire reported on Wednesday that despite being “fully committed” to its home robotics division, the company has discontinued the higher-end model that doubled as a security guard for spaces as large as 5,000 square feet.

Amazon launched Astro for Business in November 2023, pitching it as a workplace security robot. The $2,350 screen-on-wheels had an HD periscope and a tangled web of subscription types and tiers, including Ring Protect Pro, Astro Security and Virtual Security Guard memberships. Suddenly, only lasting about eight months doesn’t sound so surprising.

An Amazon spokesperson told GeekWire that it hasn’t laid people off because of Astro for Business’ demise, and the company plans to divert resources into its home robotics work. The consumer version of Astro, launched in 2021, is still available (invite-only) for $1,600. Panos Panay, the former Microsoft Surface (and much more) guru, joined the company to head up its Devices & Services division last year, which includes consumer robotics work.

Although Astro’s home version isn’t a full-fledged security guard replacement, it can patrol your home and alert you if it sees someone it doesn’t recognize or hears breaking glass or alarms. It can also do things of sketchier value, like follow you around with music, deliver messages to other people and set timers — most of which can be duplicated by devices that cost much less.

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