52 Awesome Summer Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for fun ideas to do this summer? You’re in the right place – we have 52 fun summer crafts for kids of all ages to fight that summer boredom. Summer crafts are the perfect indoor (or outdoor) activity to beat the heat whether you are at home, summer school classroom, church or summer camp. Let’s make summer crafts!

Image shows a compilation of summer craft ideas from different sources.
Enjoy the summer season with these crafts!

Best Summer Crafts For the Entire Family

Warmer weather is here, and you know what it means – it’s the perfect time for fun and play. These summer craft ideas are not only fun – they are easy peasy too! We have the best summer craft ideas to enjoy the summer days — all you need is some simple craft supplies and a kid willing to do a DIY arts & crafts!

We have listed some of our favorite summer craft ideas for kids of all ages.

  • Younger kids can benefit from crafting with increased fine motor skills!
  • Older children can have fun making summer craft variations.

Our easy craft ideas can be made with supplies you probably already have, like tissue paper, paper plates, foam balls, acrylic paint, and mason jars. Enjoy our fun summer craft activity list!

1. Summer Craft: Popsicle Stick Frame

Image shows a DIY picture frame. Idea from KAB
What’s your summer bucket list?

Grab your glue gun and some popsicle sticks and come join us for a simple summer craft that everyone can make! Let’s make a popsicle stick frame.

2. Paper Plate Sun Craft

Image shows a paper plate sun with glasses. Idea from KAB
What a cool-looking sun!

Kids of all ages will love this cool Paper Plate Sun Craft. It’s the perfect craft for weather units, welcoming summer, or just for fun.

3. Water Bottle Craft ~ Whirligigs

Image shows a DIY whirling craft. Idea from KAB
This craft will make your backyard look beautiful!

This water bottle whirligig craft is easy to make and a great way to use recycled bottles. Kids of all ages will love this craft.

4. Sweet & Colorful Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatcher Craft

Image shows a watermelon craft to decorate a window. Idea from KAB
What a colorful craft!

Celebrate summer by creating adorable Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatchers with the kids. This suncatcher craft requires minimal supplies and looks bright and cheery hanging on windows!

5. Fun and Easy Firefly Craft

Image shows a firefly craft made with recycled supplies. Idea from KAB
Let’s make a lot of firefly crafts.

 Learn about fireflies, spend time enjoying a craft, and promote pretend play by making fireflies – this craft is perfect for kids of all ages.

6. How To Make a Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft

Image shows a sunflower craft made with paper tissue. Idea from KAB
Nothing says “summer” more than a sunflower craft!

Make a pretty DIY tissue paper flower craft with kids. This will make a beautiful art piece to hang in their bedroom or playroom.

7. Wooden Spoon Garden Craft

Image shows a wooden spoon garden craft. Idea from KAB
Toddlers will love decorating the garden.

This Wooden Spoon Garden Craft looks adorable in potted plants or in the garden and is very easy for children to make on their own.

8. Make Your Own Rainbow Paper Beads

Image shows a rainbow made with paper beads . Idea from KAB
Lovely rainbow craft!

Get out the printer and some scissors and have fun making your own pretty rainbow paper beads.

9. Paper Plate Strawberry Craft

Image shows a strawberry paper craft. Idea from KAB
Pretty strawberry!

The best part about this strawberry craft is sprinkling the “strawberry seeds” on the paper plate. This craft requires minimal supplies, making it perfect for home, school, or camp.

10. Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

IMage shows a frog on a lilly pod. Idea from KAB
An adorable frog craft made with cupcake liners.

Learn how to make an adorable cupcake liner frog craft with kids. This inexpensive, easy, and fun craft is perfect for home or school.

11. Caterpillar Magnets

Image shows a caterpillar magnet. Idea from KAB.
Decorate your fridge with this caterpillar magnet.

These caterpillar magnets are so easy for school-age children to make independently. They are perfect for holding birthday party invitations, school notices, and children’s artwork.

12. Earth Day: Recycled cardboard sun

Image shows a kid holding a sun craf. Idea from thehousethatlarsbuilt
We love recycling supplies!

To make this cardboard sun you only need cardboard, paint, scissors, and glue! Happy Earth Day!  From the House that Lars built.

13. Paper Plate Ladybugs Craft

Image shows four ladybug crafts painted in different colors. Idea from craftsbyamanda.
Grab your favorite paints!

These paper plate ladybugs are a great painting project for helping fine-tune your child’s motor skills while having lots of fun in the process! From Crafts by Amanda.

14. How To Make This Beautiful Pressed Flower Craft

Image shows a flower drawing paper craft. Idea from Hello Wonderful
Have you ever heard of pressed flowers?

Try making a pressed flower craft! This project is perfect for kids who love spending time in nature, and it’s a great way to preserve the beauty of flowers. From Hello Wonderful.

15. Finger Printed Cherry Tree

Image shows a cherry tree painted with fingertips. Idea from Emma Owl.
All you need to make this craft is your fingers and paint.

Let’s make an art project using our fingertips and newsprint as it adds dimension and texture. Plus, it’s so inexpensive. From Emma Owl.

16. Paper Bag Scrapbook Journal Tutorial

Image shows a DIY summer journal. Idea from Crazy Little Project
Let’s make a fun summer journal.

This fun scrapbook journal from Crazy Little Projects is perfect to make with the kids for the summer! It’s a fun way for them to track and remember their summer memories and a great craft to put together.

17. How To Make a Popsicle Stick Ferris Wheel

Image shows a small ferris wheel craft with Mickey Mouse in the middle. Idea from studiodiy
Let’s make our own fair at home!

Kids will love making their own Disneyland rides with popsicle sticks. It’s so easy to construct and helps kids with their fine motor skills. From Studio DIY.

18. DIY: Sidewalk Chalk “Pops”

Image shows sidewalk chalk pops in different colors. From Project Nursery
Outdoor play is finally here!

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to encourage imagination and physical activity (hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, toy car racetracks, hangman, etc). Let’s mix up a batch of your own colorful DIY sidewalk chalk pops. From Project Nursery.

19. DIY Watermelon Soaps

Image shows watermelon soaps. Ide from Club Crafted
These little soaps are so much fun to make.

These cute little slices will make great gifts throughout spring and summer. Enjoy washing your hands with a small little slice of watermelon. From Club Crafted.

20. Craft Stick Octopus

Image shows three octopus crafts made with craft sticks and googly eyes. Idea from craftprojectideas
Little kids will love making this octopus craft.

Travel under the sea with this adorable little craft stick octopus craft! From Craft Project Ideas.

21. DIY Felt Ball Ice Cream Cone Keychains

Image shows a set of felt ball ice cream keychains. Idea from Akailo Chic Life.
These keychains are summer-themed and so cute.

There is just something about the bright vibrant colors and cute little ball shapes that make them so fun to craft with, so let’s use them to make some summer keychains. From A Kailo Chic Life.

22. Seashell Turtle and Crab Magnets

Image shows an ocean craft with a seashell turtle and a crab. Idea from Craft Project Ideas.
Grab some googly eyes to make cute turtle and crab magnets.

Did you collect seashells at the beach this summer? Use them to craft and create little buddies and then turn them into fridge magnets that you can give to friends and family. From Craft Project Ideas.

23. DIY Scented Rainbow Bubbles

Image shows a rainbow bubble project. Idea from Handmade CHarlotte
Did you know you could make rainbow bubbles?

Have fun experimenting with colors, smells, and bubble recipes with your kids this summer by making this playful bubble station. From Homemade Charlotte.

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24. Unicorn Planter DIY

Image shows a unicorn planter. Idea from Red Ted Art
This unicorn planter is so beautiful.

This gorgeous and easy Unicorn Planter DIY would make a lovely Mother’s Day Gift, BFF Gift, or gift for a teacher. From Red Ted Art.

25. Painted Rock Babies

Image shows rocks painted in different colors. Idea from Handmade Charlotte
Have you ever made a diaper for a rock before?

If you’re going on a walk around the neighborhood or park, collect some smooth, round rocks to bring home, and let’s make a whole daycare of painted baby rocks. From Handmade Charlotte.

26. DIY starfish salt dough garland

Image shows a starfish garland made with salt dough. Idea from Chikabug
These starfish remind me of the ocean.

You’ll be surprised to find out these starfish are made with salt dough and you can make them for pennies – and they look so beautiful! From The Chickabug Blog.

27. Sun Suncatcher Craft & Free Patterns

Image shows a suncatcher shaped like the sun. Idea from Lessons 4 little ones
A suncatcher shaped like a sun?!

I just love how bright & cheery these sun suncatchers make our room look! It’s also a great way to learn about the sun. From Lessons 4 Little Ones.

28. Pom Pom Ice Cream

Image shows a set of pom-pom necklaces shaped like ice cream. Idea from Handmade Charlotte.
Who wouldn’t love some ice cream cone necklaces?

Today we’re making these sweet mini ice cream cone necklaces using colored pom-poms to make different “flavors”. Idea from Handmade Charlotte.

29. Piña Colada Sugar Scrub & Mini Soaps

Image shows a homemade piña colada sugar scrub with a pineapple on the background. Idea from Happiness is Homemade
These sugar scrubs smell delicious.

These DIY Piña Colada Sugar Scrub and Mini Soaps are the perfect way to keep your summer skin refreshed and smelling great. From Happiness is Homemade.

30. Watermelon Sun Catcher Craft

Image shows a Watermelon Sun Catcher Craft. Idea from About Family Crafts
We love fruity sun catchers.

Make one of these watermelon sun catchers, hang it up in your window, and enjoy a little bit of summer well into the cooler months. From About Family Crafts.

31. DIY Fruit Crafts

Image shows a a set of four handmade fans fruit-themed. Ideas from the idea room.
Fight the warmer days with these DIY fans.

Here’s a super fun fan to keep you cool during the hot summer months that is also a great kids craft that they will have a blast with! From The Idea Room.

32. Mermaid Fin Hair Clip Craft

Image shows a mermaid fin hair clip. Idea from  Finding Zest
A craft perfect for a mermaid-theme party.

This mermaid fin hair clip is an easy way to get the look of a mermaid’s hair, and you just need a few basic supplies that you can get at any craft shop. From Finding Zest.

33. Ice Cream Cone Garland

Image shows an ice cream craft garland. Idea from Growing up Abel
Pretty summer home decor!

Make an ice cream cone garland out of yarn and paper for festive summer decoration. From Growing Up Abel.

34. Flamingo Handprint

Image shows two flamingos made with handprints and simple craft supplies. Idea from The Best Ideas For kids
Use your handprints to make a work of art.

We love how colorful this pink flamingo handprint craft is and the added details of the feathers and pipe cleaners bring it to life! From The Best Ideas for Kids.

35. DIY Luggage Tags

Image shows a set of DIY luggage tags. Idea from Handmade Charlotte.
Best way to decorate your luggage.

Make these customized luggage tags for all your adventures this summer – summer camp, family vacation, sleepovers, or even back-to-school! From Handmade Charlotte.

36. Sponge Water Bombs

Image shows a set of sponge water bombs in a water tub. Idea from House of the P worths
Sponge water bombs are so much fun.

Sponge Water Bombs are a favorite summer must-have, especially during the warmer summer days. From House of Hepworths.

37. Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly Craft for Kids

Image shows a craft made with bow-tie noodle pasta. Idea from Crafty Morning.
This craft is also perfect for spring.

 Use some old bow-tie noodles and turn them into pretty little butterflies! From Crafty Morning.

38. How to Make a Suncatcher with Beads

Image shows a suncatcher made with beads over a blurred background. Idea from Artful parents
Beads have so many fun uses.

Making a suncatcher with beads is easy and fun to make from kids’ plastic pony beads, just follow these step-by-step instructions. From Artful Parent.

39. How to Make DIY Bubble Wands with Beads

Image shows a bubble on top of a DIY bubble wand. Idea from Artful Parent
These gorgeous DIY bubble wands are so much fun to make!

These DIY bubble wands made with pipe cleaners and beads are a fun kids’ craft project. Plus, the finished bubble wands are beautiful and work great! From Artful Parent.

40. How to Make Melted Crayon Sea Shells

Image shows sea shells painted in different colors. Idea from Artful Parent.
Take some shells next time you go to the beach.

Melted crayon sea shells are a beautiful, unique craft to make after your beach trip. Follow the tutorial to learn how to make them, from Artful Parent.

41. Ojo de Dios / God’s Eye

Image shows a set of 4 different ojo de dios crafts. From The Art Bar Blog
Which color will you use for the yarn?

This God’s eye (English for Ojo de Dios) craft is perfect even for kids and beginners. And they can use any color combination they want! From Artbar Blog.

42. Paper Flower Craft

Image shows a flower craft made with paper. Idea from Easy Peasy and Fun
Let’s make some flower crafts!

These paper flower crafts will make a wonderful decoration, you can make a few and have a lovely bouquet and welcome Spring or Summer. From Easy Peasy and Fun.

43. How to make easy rainbow paper flowers for kids

Image shows different photos on the process for making paper flowers. Idea from Twitchetts.
Here’s another way to make paper flowers.

These construction paper flower crafts for kids are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and kids of all ages. From Twitchetts.

44. Simple Cupcake Liner Flowers Tutorial

Image shows three paper flower crafts. Idea from One Little Project.
Use cupcake liners for this craft.

These cupcake liner flowers are so simple to make and you can make them in different colors and patterns. Idea from One Little Project.

45. Fish in Bag Slime

Image shows a bag slime with fake fish inside. Idea from My Frugal Adventures
This slime bag also doubles as a sensory activity.

This fish in bag slime is perfect for hot summer afternoons or for rainy days, especially if you need a quiet activity. From My Frugal Adventures.

46. Mini Mason Jar Aquariums | Summer In Jars Series

Image shows a mason jar filled with ocean toys. Idea from A little claireification
Get a bit of ocean in your room!

These “under the sea” mason jars are so easy to make and most importantly, a really fun summer activity for the little ones. They are also great for birthday parties or beach-themed weddings. From A Little CLAIREification.

47. How To Make Fireflies That Really Light Up

Image shows two firefly crafts made with kids. Idea from Apartment Therapy.
Cute little firefly crafts!

These fireflies are super easy to make. Just pop a flameless LED tealight into a plastic Easter egg – you don’t even need glue. From Apartment Therapy.

48. Citrus Perler Bead Coasters

Image shows coasters painted like fruits. Idea from My Frugal Adventures
What fun, cute coasters!

Perler beads are so fun and inexpensive and the possibilities of things you can create are endless. Let’s make some summer-themed coasters! From My Frugal Adventures.

49. Mason Jar Fairy House

Image shows a fairy house made with a mason jar. Idea from The Decorated Cookie
Isn’t this fairy house the absolute cutest?

Use air-dry clay and mason jars to make a light-up fairy garden mason jar. It’s the cutest home decor! From The Decorated Cookie.

50. Simple & Pretty Homemade Wind Chimes Kids Can Make!

Image shows a homemade wind chimess decorated in different colors. Idea from Hands on as we grow
Don’t get rid of your tin cans yet!

Upcycle your tin cans into fun, homemade wind chimes that the kids can make! From Hands On As We Grow.

51. Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Image shows a milk carton bird feeder. Idea from A mother  thing
Let’s feed the birds this summer!

This really simple milk carton bird feeder is the perfect thing to get the kids excited in the Spring and Summer months, while helping kids learn about the importance of taking care of wildlife. Idea from A Mother Thing.

52. Paper Plate Frisbees

Image shows a paper plate frisbee decorated with summer themes. Idea is from Crafts by amanda
How are you going to decorate these frisbees?

Turn ordinary paper plates into a fun frisbee! This paper plate frisbee craft is great for spring, summer, or as a group project. From Crafts by Amanda.

Want more summer activities? We’ve got them:

Which summer craft are you going to try first?

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