36 Patriotic American Flag Arts & Crafts for Kids

These American flag crafts offer so many creative ideas for celebrating the Fourth of July, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Election Day, Constitution Day, Veterans Day or every day!  Kids of all ages can participate in these fun DIY flag crafts and flag art projects that are great for entertainment or decorating. So many ways to make an American flag!

American Flag Crafts - 6 USA flag crafts shown from egg cartons, painting, popsicle sticks, paper plate flag craft or painting the flag
Let’s make an American flag craft today!

Fun And Patriotic American Flag Crafts

These USA flag crafts work great as Fourth of July DIY flag crafts or for many other American holidays that feature the red white and blue. Whether it is Memorial day, Veteran’s Day, or the 4th of July, we have gathered the perfect American flag craft to celebrate each.

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Some USA flag crafts are just fun, others can be kept as keepsakes, and a few can also double as decorations! So gather your art supplies and start celebrating with these fun and patriotic crafts!

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American Flag Crafts For Kids of All ages

1. American Flag Painting

Two steps to easy American Flag craft for kids - first shows paper with pom pom painting blue area on flag and second shows finished USA flag
This is an easy way kids can make a flag!

Pom-Pom American Flag Painting Craft – This is a fun and creative way to paint a flag. This is great way to make an American flag for kids!

2. DIY American Flag Painted T-Shirts

Fourth of July T-Shirt  – You’ve got your decorations. It is time to decorate yourself. This is such a fun idea for making a custom flag shirt. It is a great way to be patriotic!

3. Make an American Flag on Stick

American flag craft for kids - popsicle stick USA flags - two finished flag crafts shown on white background
Love these festive popsicle stick flags!

Popsicle Stick Flag Craft – These are perfect for waving at a holiday parade. Plus they’re easy to make! Just need glue and popsicle sticks!

4. DIY Bleach Shirt

Bleach T-Shirts  – Here’s another really fun t-shirt idea. It is easy to get a great look for this coming holiday. You can make an American flag on your shirt using tape and bleach!

5. Preschool American Flag Craft

American Flag craft for kids - 3 steps shown how to make a flag out of an egg carton from Crafty Morning
Let’s make an egg carton flag!

Egg Carton American Flag – Turn an egg carton into a flag with paint and stars. This is one of my favorite American flag ideas, because we can be patriotic and recycle.

6. 4th of July Popsicle Stick Arts and Crafts

Popsicle Stick Flags – I featured a great popsicle stick flags above, but here’s another great version. This is another great 4th of July arts and craft!

7. Download & Print these 4th of July Coloring Pages

4th of July Coloring Pages  – Coloring pages are always such an easy way to get kids excited about upcoming holidays. You will love the options you find here. With this download you will get 7 4th of July coloring pages.

8. American Flag Craft Made from a Paper Plate

Paper Plate American Flag Craft – This simple American flag art starts with a paper plate. This American flag craft is also great on the budget as you just need paint and a paper plate!

American Flag Art Projects for Kids

American Flag Crafts for kids using paint, food, wood, buttons and more.

9. Patriotic American Flag Craft

Simple American Flag Craft – This one is made using construction paper. So fun! This patriotic American flag craft is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

10. 4th of July Jewelry

Flag Inspired Straw Necklaces – These straw necklaces are really easy to make and an adorable accessory inspired by the American flag. Your kids will love dressing up in this 4th of July Jewelry.

11. American Flag Craft For Toddlers

American flag craft for kids - easy toddler and preschool flag craft using hands and feet and paint to create a USA flag shown hanging on a fence
Use your hands and feet to make an USA flag!

Hands and Feet Flag – Kids will love using something other than a paint brush to make this American flag. Just be sure to bring a hose! This American flag craft for toddlers can also be used as a keepsake!

12. How To Make An American Flag With Recycled Magazines

American Flag Magazine Collage  – Kids of all ages can make this super cool looking American flag collage out of old magazines. Meaningful Mama shows you step by step how to make an American flag with recycled magazines and it looks so cool.

13. Drinking Straw American Flag Toddler Craft

American flag craft - finished USA flag made out of drinking straws in colors red white and blue with silver stars
Now this is the way to make straight stripes in red and white!

Drinking Straw American Flag – How creative to use drinking straws to make a patriotic design. Very clever and great outcome! Use paper, drinking straws, and glue to make this American flag toddler craft.

14. American Flag Popsicle Stick Craft

Popsicle Stick Flags  – Wow! These popsicle stick flags are adorable, inexpensive and great for kids. I love the banner they made out of them. This American flag popsicle stick craft is great, it keeps the little one busy and acts as a decoration!

15. Use this American Flag Printable as a Craft Starter

American flag craft for kids - finished USA flag shown made from dot painting in blue and red
This American flag is easy to make!

American Flag Dot Paint  – This activity comes with a free printable and dot paints are perfect for kids of all ages with little clean up. Not only is it patriotic, but works on fine motor skills as well.

16. Cool DIY Patriotic Duct Tape Flag

Duct Tape American Flag – What a  beautiful outcome. You’d never know this flag was made from duct tape. This patriotic duct tape flag doubles as decorations that you can use on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and even the 4th of July.

Cool American Flag Crafts & Ideas

US Flag painting using handprints, paper, and rice.

17. American Flag Craft Preschool Kids Can Do

Colored Rice American Flag  – What a clever idea. This colored rice in another way to create a flag with a lot of texture. How fun for the kids to sprinkle on the rice like glitter.

18. Vintage Ruffled Flag

American flag craft for kids - finished USA flag made out of fabric and buttons
What a creative flag craft!

Vintage Ruffled Flag  – How creative! I would have never thought to make a flag like this out of fabric. It is the perfect craft for your beginning sewer.

19. American Flag Canvas Craft

Toddler Made Canvas Flag  – This is the perfect craft for you little ones. I love, love the handprint in the middle of the star section.

20. Handprint Flag Craft Perfect for Memorial Day

American flag craft for kids - handprint flag with child's hand covered in paint in red white and blue and the finished handprint flag!
Now that is a cool flag!

American Flag Handprint  – Who doesn’t love handprint crafts? This is such a fun idea to do with your kids for the 4th.

21. Mosaic Flag Craft for Kids

Magazine Mosaic American Flag  – Introduce your kids to the art concept of mosaic with this great looking American flag made from magazines.

Ways to Make an American Flag

American flags for kids using wood, paper, paint, and buttons.

22. DIY Wooden Flag Craft

Pottery Barn Inspired Wooden Flag – At first glance, this craft may seem more adult driven. However, is there any reason your kids couldn’t help paint, sand and hammer nails to create this amazing piece? It’s a work of art and would be really fun to create as a family.

23. Make a Paper Flag Craft

Crepe Paper American Flag  – Here’s an inexpensive craft kids can make to make a larger format decoration for a 4th of July party.

24. American Flag Luminaries Paper Craft

American Flag Luminaries  – These are such a fun and creative decorating solution for 4th of July. Kids will be proud to contribute to the holiday decor.

25. DIY Paper Chain American Flag Craft For Kindergarteners

American flag craft for kids - finished USA flag made out of red white and blue construction paper made into paper chains
This flag craft starts with a paper chain.

Paper Chain American Flag  – There is symbolism behind this great craft. It would be great to talk about how “united we stand” as you are putting together the links to create this flag.

26. Craft this Cute Flag Button Craft

Paint Sticks and Buttons Flag  – What a creative use of materials. This American flag craft is absolutely adorable.

American flag crafts using playdough, paint, yarn, and more.

American Flag Painting & Craft Ideas

27. Tissue Paper American Flag Craft

Tissue Paper American Flag  – Here’s another great idea that includes a printable. I imagine kids would stay focused for quite some time until they have their designs complete.

28. Flag Art Projects For Preschoolers Using Play Dough

Play-dough  Flag Activity  – What a fun way to play with play-dough around the 4th of July holiday. I had never thought of molding play-dough onto printables like this. Brilliant!

29. American Flag Painting For Kids

American flag craft for kids - finished flag printable painted with red white and blue paint and a Q-tip

Q-Tip American Flag  -I love doing pointillism with kids. Here is an American flag activity that teaches this great technique.

Fingerprint and Footprint Flag  – I bet the kids had a blast with this one. Getting your feet painted for a craft is sure to bring out the giggles in most kids.

31. Craft an American Flag Yarn Wreath

Yarn American Flag  – This looks like a great activity for you tactile kids. They will get to layer up the yarn textures to create a flag.

How to make a flag with the colors red, white, and blue!

Create a Flag

32. How To Make A Flag Bracelet

Shrinky Dink Flags  – This flag bracelet is so cool. Even though it features a number of different flags, I had to include it in this round up because I’ve never seen DIY Shrinky Dinks before.

33. Handprint Flag Craft for Kids

Handprint and Fingerprint Flag  – We saw the flag done in footprints and fingerprints, but I love this version too. I guess there are a lot of great combinations.

34. Paper Flag: Patriotic Craft Ideas For Kids

Paper Flag – Why not keep it simple? Kids would love coloring a bunch of these for any family or friend gathering.

35. Paper American Flag Crafts Using Paper Strips

Simple American Flag Paper Strip Craft  – This is such a great beginning Fourth of July craft for the littler ones in your world – not that kids of all ages wouldn’t enjoy it.

36. Make Edible American Flag Marshmallow Pops

American Flag Marshmallow Pops – Here’s an edible craft kids can do. What do you think they’ll enjoy more? Making it or eating it?

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I hope you have been inspired by these American flag crafts. The variety of materials and age level appropriateness should provide you with a list that meets the needs of any parent or caregiver.

American Flag Craft Kits & supplies for Kids

American flag coloring page on a desk with paint, pastels and art supplies

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Which was your favorite American flag craft?

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