3 Cylinder New Maruti Swift Vs 4 Cylinder Baleno: Which One Offers Better Mileage?

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the new Swift fourth generation with a brand new Z-Series engine. This new engine is a 3-cylinder unit and ditches the previous model’s 4-cylinder 1.2-litre engine. The company has stated that this has been done to improve its fuel efficiency. Recently, to test this exact thing, a YouTuber, along with his friends, took his new Swift on a road trip. However, it was accompanied by a Baleno with the 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine. The video at the end provides the mileage of both cars and its comparison.

This video of the new Swift vs. Baleno in fuel efficiency comparison has been shared on YouTube by MRD Cars. It starts with the vlogger stating that he, along with his friends, is going on a road trip. For this, they are taking their new 2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift and Baleno. After this, he explains how they will be comparing the mileage.

2024 Maruti Swift mileage test

Following the introduction, the vlogger explains that they are first filling both cars with a full tank of fuel. After this, he resets the trip B of his odometer. He then does the same with the Baleno, after which they commence their long road trip.

Road trip and mileage test begins

Maruti Baleno mileage test vs Swift

Next up, the vlogger first shows that they have only managed to travel 12 km due to the heavy traffic in Delhi. After which, he once again shows the odometer with a reading of around 45 km. Following this, he states that at the moment, the car is showing a live fuel economy of 12.7 kmpl.

After this, the vlogger then mentions that he has now shifted to the Baleno and he is driving it. During this time, he compares the driving characteristics of the two cars. He first states that the Baleno’s engine feels a little more refined than the Swift. He adds that the Swift’s three-cylinder engine requires more acceleration after stops to pick up its pace.

2024 Maruti Swift mileage test vs Baleno

Next up, he mentions that the steering of the Baleno also feels slightly better. He adds that the Swift’s steering feels a little less smooth. Apart from this, he states that anyone who switches from a four-cylinder engine to a three-cylinder engine will understand the difference.

However, after driving the Swift for around 10-15 days, they will get used to its characteristics. After this, he mentions that they have changed their plan and, instead of going to Jammu and Kashmir, they are now going to head towards Manali or Kasol. He then shows the live fuel economy of the Baleno and Swift at 19.4 kmpl.

Final mileage

2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift final mileage

Following this, he then shows that they have now started driving on the hilly highways. He adds that generally, in higher altitudes, the mileage slightly drops. After this, he shows that they have stopped at a fuel station to again refill the cars to understand how much fuel they have used.

Next up, he calculates the final mileage of his new Swift. He states that they have driven the car a total distance of 558 km and have used 31.22 litres of fuel. So, the final mileage comes out to 17.87 kmpl.

After this, he does the same with the Baleno, which was driven for 553 km and it used a total fuel of 32.11 litres. So its final mileage came out to be around 17.22 kmpl. So in reality, there is only a difference of 0.65 kmpl, which is not a significant difference.

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