22 Summer Hacks

These summer hacks are going to make your summer so much fun! We’ve got all sorts of ideas for you from smart tips for a BBQ, to a trip to the beach, to keeping all those pesky bugs away from you. These summer hacks in short will help keep your summer running smoothly and without issue!

22 Summer Hacks

Great Summer Hacks For A Smoother Summer

I can’t wait for summer to officially begin! Summer is the time where we get to do fun things outside, check out the beaches and pools, and spend time together as a family. But summer can always be chaotic. That’s why these summer hacks are perfect! These summer hacks will help your summer go smoothly and help you prepared for anything!

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Amazing and Smart Summer Hacks

1. Summer Go Bag Hack

Summer hacks- summer go bag with sun screen, glasses, and other summer items- kids activities blog
Put all the important summer items in this summer go bag! That way you always have your stuff ready.

Making a summer go bag has been one of the smartest things I’ve done. Keep this by the door packed with all your summer outing essentials like sunscreen, band-aids, aloe, etc.

2. Beach Hack: DIY Pocketed Beach Towel

Summer Hacks- pocketed striped colorful beach towel with sunglasses- kids activities blog
Did you know you can use an old beach towel to make a pocketed beach bag?

Make a pocketed beach towel to hold a spot for your book, sunglasses and more.

3. DIY First Aid Kit

Summer Hacks- first aid kit called ouch kit held by little girl- kids activities blog
Everyone needs an ouch kit.

Keep an ouch kit in the car just in case you’re out at the park or pool and someone gets hurt.

4. Summer Hacks For Staying Cool

Summer hacks- tips for cooling off with pools, walks, ice cream- kids activities blog
There are so many great ways to cool off when it is hot.

Summer is hot. We all know that. Spending time in the sun a lot? Feeling over heated? Here is how to cool down quick.

Summer Hacks For Foods, Drinks, Snacks, and Treats

Summer hacks- bubble station, drink covers, movie screen, and DIY smore station
We have so many great ideas for keeping your awesome!

5. Summer Hacks For Keeping Your Drinks Cold

Make a balloon cooler to keep your drinks cool and looking festive.

6. DIY Table Top S’mores

Summer hacks- table top smores in a terracotta planter with wood fire, marshmallow, and fork- kids activities blog
Make your own table top smores.

Make table top s’mores so you can enjoy your favorite summer treat without making a fire.

7. Summer Hacks Popsicle Edition

Summer hacks- popsicles: red, yellow, brown-kids activities blog
Let’s make our own popsicles!

Store your freezer pops upright in the freezer so they are easier to cut open. So smart!

8. Beat The Heat With An Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Summer hacks- ice cream sandwich cake with sprinkles- kids activities blog
Mmm… ice cream sandwiches turned into a cake?! Yes please!

Looking for the perfect summer dessert? Instead of an ice cream cake, make an ice cream sandwich cake!

9. Pool Hacks: DIY Pool Noodle Drink Float

Summer Hacks- pool noodle drink float with cokes- kids activities blog
Your drinks can stay cool in the pool too!

Keep your drinks close by while you’re swimming with a pool noodle drink float.

10. Cooking Hacks: DIY Roasting Sticks

Summer Hacks- diy roasting sticks with green decorated handles- kids activities blog
Roast all the delicious foods over a fire.

Make DIY roasting sticks for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

11. Cleaning Hacks: BBQ Hand Wash Station

Summer hacks- hand washing station on a white chair with wipes and towels- kids activities blog
Be sure to wash your hands!

Having kids over for a BBQ? Make sure to create a sticky fingers station for kids with messy hands from popsicles and s’mores.

Best Summer Hacks For Playing Outside

Summer Hacks: Marshmallow roasting rods, ice cream sandwiches in a pan, and water balloon station with recycled bottles.
From roasting marshmallows to ice cream cakes and water balloons, we have all the summer hacks.

12. DIY Water Balloon Pump

Keeping filling those water balloons without getting the hose every time with this DIY water balloon pump. 

13. Play Hack: Bubble Station To Prevent Spills

Summer hacks- no bubble spills after you table the bubbles to a pillar with kids- kids activities blog
No more spilled bubbles!

Keep bubbles from spilling by wrapping them around a beam in your back yard.

14. Summer Hack: Bubble Refill Station

Summer hacks- bubble refill station with a little boy blowing bubbles in a blue shirt- kids activities blog
Let’s refill our bubbles.

Keep kids from running out of bubbles with this fun bubble refill station. They’ll be having fun for hours!

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15. DIY Chalk Craft

summer hacks- diy chalk recipes- kids activities blog
There are so many different ways to make your own chalk.

Make some DIY chalk for the kids to play with in a hurry. No need for a trip to the store!

16. Boredom Buster: DIY Movie Screen

Summer hacks- DIY movie screen with kids- kids activities blog
Movie night just got more epic!

Want to have a backyard movie? Here is how to make your own DIY  movie screen. 

17. DIY Lantern To Light Up Your Backyard

Summer hacks- blue glowing lantern with water- kids activities blog
These lanterns are surprisingly bright.

Quickly make a glowing backyard lantern with just a jar and a glow stick.

Summer Hacks To Keep The Bugs Away

Summer hacks- bug hacks- cup cover, play pen cover, DIY candles, and patio egg.
Keep the bugs away this summer with these great ideas.

18. Hacks To Keep The Flies Away

Want to eat your dinner outside? Here is a simple idea to keep flies off your table.

19. Ideas To Keep The Mosquitos Away

Summer Hacks- Patio egg with oil- kids activities blog
This patio egg is a clever way to keep the bugs away.

The patio egg diffuses an essential oil blend that deters mosquitos.

20. Ways To Keep The Bugs Away From Your Baby

Summer hacks- playpen to keep mosquitos away from baby with colorful toys and pillows- kids activities blog
It’s easy to keep the bugs away from your baby.

Use a sheet over your play yard to keep the bugs away from baby.

21. More Ways To Keep The Mosquitos Away

Summer hacks= mosquito repellant candle in a jar with rosemary, lime and lemon- kids activities blog
You don’t need harsh chemicals to keep the bugs away.

Make a mosquito repelling jar to keep those annoying bugs away from you.

22. Bug Hacks: Keep Bugs Out Of Your Drink

Summer hacks- straw and cupcake liner to keep bugs out of the drink- kids activities blog
No more bugs in your drink!

Use a cupcake liner to keep bugs out of your drink while hanging outside.

More Summer Hacks, Tips, And Activities From Kids Activities Blog

What summer hacks do you have? Share them with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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