WATCH: This Thug’ Picks On Wrong Security Guard & Gets Decimated! (VIDEO)


Remember the ‘knock-out’ game that inbred morons would play like a game back when? Well sadly it appears that it’s here to stay. Of course, there is hope that come 2017 once there is a REAL leader that runs the country who knows that REAL consequences are the key to learning for the said inbred morons, things will get better.

However, until then…with Obama still reigning that stupidity continues. He does nothing to stop bad things from happening and continues to just sit it out on the sidelines silently rooting for criminals while making policemen look bad…

All while vacationing at one of his many luxury destinations…currently, that would be inHawaii for Christmas.


One HUGE problem of many with Obama is his silence on things that matter. He chooses the side of chaos and corruption because he remains silent on issues like that need a leader to come in and smooth things over.

Idiot. I guess that’s all we can expect from a man who has never had a real job in his life then all the sudden out of no where becomes the freaking President of the freaking United States of America.

Still a very sore subject…

Anyhow, the a-hole thug in this video as you will see decided he was going to be the douchebag start in with the who knockout crap again.

To our entertainment and pure joy however, what he didn’t realize was the target that he had thought was a mere average everyday 25 cent rent-a-cop security guard was actually much MUCH more than meets the eye.

He was a MMA fighter.

Doesn’t the thought of what you’re about to watch…just bring happy thoughts to mind?

Here, enjoy watching this footwork…and thug beat down.

That right there…you don’t get to see all too often. It’s usually the bad guy making the viral videos beating up on the less fortunate.

This one however…. is a winner.