Trump Just Made Sure Obama Makes History By Being The ONLY President To Be Denied One Final Honor

We all know that Donald Trump made the decision to take the keys to the White House directly from Barack Obama after Obama made all those really bad jokes at the White House Correspondent’s Dinners over the years. Well, now that Trump has actually won, he’s decided to deal Obama a hand of humiliation that will stay with him far longer than simply handing the keys to Trump.

“The keys” are an actual set of keys that unlock the oval office and the door to the residence, although the entrances to those rooms are always guarded and rarely locked. They are more symbolic than anything else. Each President uses their own keyring that symbolizes their administration.

On January 20th, 2017, Obama won’t hand the keys to Trump shortly after he’s inaugurated, as every single outgoing President has always done, because Trump has decided Obama won’t be welcome at the inauguration. Kellyanne Conway made mention outside a staff meeting Tuesday morning that Mr. Trump needed a manilla envelope to send Obama instructions on leaving the keys in the top drawer of The Resolute Desk, which Trump has decided he will keep but have refinished in a rich mahogany with gold trim.

The staffer who fetched the envelope told Reuters that Obama would need the instructions because Trump doesn’t want him anywhere near his swearing-in ceremony.

Not once has an outgoing living president been denied the honor of seeing his administration come to an official end as his successor takes the oath of office. It looks like President Obama will be remembered for something special after all.