Michelle’s Behavior Problem Just Got Diagnosed, It’s Worse Than You Thought

The American people have never warmed to First Lady Michelle Obama in the same way they embraced classy First Ladies in the past, such as Laura Bush, Lady Bird Johnson or Nancy Reagan. There is just something that is deeply off-putting about Michelle, although it’s hard to put one’s singer on just what it is.

She rubbed many the wrong way in the past, but her oddball behavior has been ratcheting up in recent weeks, including giving a crazy interview in which she said that Americans have “no hope” under Trump. A trained analyst, Dr. Lauren A. Wright, PhD, recently observed First Lady Michelle and finally figured out what’s up with her.

Dr. Wright, who wrote a book called On Behalf of the President: Presidential Spouses and White House Communications Strategies Today and is an expert on the subject, stated that the Obamas’ panic as their legacy is on the brink of being destroyed has turned Michelle into an “attack dog.”

Explained Wright, “She doesn’t have to worry about the implications [of her remarks] for months to come. This is the time she’s most free to say what she feels, what she believes, and what she wants the message to be for the public.”

Dr. Wright added, “I think what surprises and upsets people most often is that first ladies give more public remarks than vice presidents, and that’s been true over the last three administrations.” Do you agree with Dr. Wright’s diagnosis about Michelle Obama’s unsettling behavior?