Bill O’Reilly does his own poll of 25k people and the results show a major landslide!

These days the legit of the mainstream media polls was questioned by the majority of the American people.

Even though throughout the presidential rallies we saw HUGE difference between the Trump rallies who were so crowded and Hillary Clinton’s rallies, who where very little crowded, national polls show something else: Hillary Clinton is leading all over the country!

Among those who questioned the legacy of the national polls was Bill O’Reilly himself, so he decided to make his own poll research.


The results will astonished you! Donald Trump is far up ahead of Hillary Clinton!

In this Bill O’Reilly poll, when people were questioned: ‘If the presidential election were held this week, who would win?’, even 86% of the people answered Donald Trump, and only 14% of the people answered Hillary Clinton.

This is another proof that the national polls were rigged, and that the majority of the American people wants Donald Trump for President!

What do you think? Do you think that Donald Trump can win these elections if the system is not corrupted?